6 Memorable Moments From BaiCon InFest 2022

Influencers as far as the eye can see.

From Ranz Kyle, Niana, and Natalia Guerrero’s epic stage to the Divine Divas onwing the spotlight, here are some of the highlights from BaiCon InFest 2022.

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On November 5, some of the country’s top content creators and thousands of fans made their way to Cebu City for the 2022 BaiCon InFest 2022. As it marked the show’s return to an in-person event since the start of the pandemic, the organizers made sure everyone got the most out of the moment. It was over half a day’s worth of fun, performance, skits, and digital responsibility as creators got to connect with fans. A lot went down over those 12 hours in Cebu so here are some of the highlights of that day, which made for an exciting experience.


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Dancing is not our specialty. But even we would have been tempted to dance and join the K-pop random dance play at BaiCon 2022. With Kuya Magik on the spin table, K-pop fans jumped to the center of the room as they showed off the moves to their favorite K-pop tunes.


A classic game of Pinoy Henyo is usually a fun time when played with friends or family. But when you have all the players be influencers and social media personalities, expect the game to get extra chaotic. And that’s what happened Jiconyo, Merry, Arshie Larga, Forda Ferson, Pipay, Charuth, and Aro John Munoz took to the stage for a classroom edition of Pinoy Henyo. This honestly was such a random collection of creators, but that’s where the fun lies.


What do Ninong Ry and Esnyr Ranollo have in common? They have good taste in men, or at least they put that to the test during the Bet On Your Pogi game. Kimpoy Feliciano, Kerwin King, Medyo Maldito, Jae Miranda, and Wil Dasovich all took turns impressing Esnyr, dressed as his Crystal character, Ninong Ry, and a lucky fan who was picked to join the duo. The moment led to some…interesting pick-up lines.


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When he learned that RNN, aka Ranz, Niana, and Natalia, were going to perform at the event, we felt that they were going to shut things down. And the dancing trio did just that with their K-pop-inspired performance. While Ranz and Niana did well, of course, Natalia stole the show for us with her solo dance performance to BLACKPINK’s Shut Down. She really is becoming the next Guerrero dancing machine.


Brigiding, Precious Paula Nicole, and Viñas Deluxe very much owned the stage as the Divine Divas gave a memorable three-act set at BaiCon. First, they all came out in matching blue outfits to perform Dreamgirls. They then did their solo numbers with Brigiding doing Lady Gaga, Viñas channeling Whitney Houston, and PPN going for the kill with Beyoncé. Finally, the trio came out for a final performance and even included Cebu drag artists who performed earlier that day. And that’s on Filipino drag excellence.


@thexhan surprise!! long awaited collab @Niana Guerrero ♬ original sound – EU MESMO

While this moment wasn’t part of the show, it was too good to not include. BaiCon InFest 2022 was home to many influencer interactions. But our favorite was when Niana Guerrero and Hannah Balanay finally met. Understandably, the moment required a TikTok dance between them. Two of the most followed Filipina dancing queens on TikTok united for a joint slay and made the world a better place.