Mela Habijan Hosting Thai Fanmeets In The Country Is The Crossover We Needed

Can she host all the fanmeets?

Actress, content creator, model, advocate, and Thai fanmeet host, Mela Habijan can do it all.

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Fanmeets can be exciting events. It will be the chance for fans to see their faves in person, and often for the first time. But aside from the personality themselves, what makes a fanmeet great is a host who knows how to get the show going. For Pinoy fans of Thai BLs and GLs, they can thank Mela Habijan for leading some of the biggest Thai fanmeets in the country this year.

While Thai fanmeets of popular BL and GL duos and Mela Habijan seem like a concept straight from an AI writing bot, the model and LGBTQIA+ advocate has actually hosted her fair share of fanmeets. Being tapped as the host is a big deal, especially for these major events Filipino fans look forward to. This is why Mela’s fun personality and warmth shine through as one of the go-to hosts for Thai fanmeets in the country.  


Mela’s first time to host a Thai fanmeet came in January 2023 when she was chosen as the MC for Ohm and Nanon’s fanmeet in Manila. Considering that this was the first fanmeet the Bad Buddy stars had in the country, the hype and anticipation of PH Ronans were real. And Mela made sure to give the two actors and their fans the best time, all while dressed in her modern barong.

“I’m truly humbled that after the show, I received the kindest words from everyone who was present,” she wrote on Instagram after the event. Ohm and Nanon were actually Mela’s first international stars she interviewed, which is something we would brag about if we were in her shoes.


Thai Girls Love show GAP The Series proved to be a hit when it premiered in November 2022. It had fans all over the world, including in the Philippines. As such, CDM Entertainment organized a special screening of an uncut episode of the show in the Philippines with the lead stars, Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong, being present. And hosting the watch party was Mela Habijan who made sure FreenBecky felt the love of their Filipino fans. Once again, she showed off how impeccable a host she was as she gave the duo their space to feel comfortable.   


Fans loved Mela’s hosting abilities when she hosted Freen and Becky’s first time in the Philippines. So, the production team got her the second time when Freen and Becky held their two-day fanmeet in the country. After holding their Cebu fanmeet (which we loved them doing so), the girls flew to Manila for their second show. As you can expect, Mela took care of the girls a second time, both during the press con and the actual fanmeet. But our favorite thing Mela did during the event was when she got the girls to give a shoutout to Team Bahay, something we don’t normally see from other hosts in fanmeets. Mela best host indeed.

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