Markus Paterson

Markus Paterson Looks Straight Out of Classic Paintings For His First NYLON Manila Cover

A work in progress, Markus is slowly mastering his craft.

For Markus Paterson’s first solo magazine cover, he didn’t mind getting his hands a little dirty all for the sake of art.

Actor and musician Markus Paterson reconnects with his roots (literally) for his first ever solo magazine cover. Embodying the second element of nature from our series of covers after the fire, Markus represents the earth from which we stand on. “I feel like I’m in the Dunkirk film,” he says upon seeing the set and being dressed in mostly neutral tones. Admittedly, the actor’s a geek for action and history films that mostly have explosive combat scenes. This probably explains how he’s not afraid to show the battle scars that he’s earned along the way in his career thus far. 

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Markus Paterson

Naturally inquisitive as he is, Markus poses like the man in Wanderer Above The Sea Fog by painter Caspar David Friedrich. The rustic color palette of the tie dye turtle neck top, neutral colors of his cargo pants and vest, and the chestnut shade of his hair is straight out of a painting.


Markus Paterson

With Markus’ hair swooped up and his sunburnt cheeks, he reminds us a lot of the 1844 painting by Daniel Macdonald entitled, The Fighter. The artwork was a powerful portrait of a faction-fighting leader at a time when there were clashes in rural Ireland. That would probably be us too if someone dared to talk about our family.


Markus Paterson

Markus Paterson looks every bit the masterpiece that he is in an oversized varsity jacket, cargo trousers and sneakers posing as The Thinker sculpture by Auguste Rodin.


Markus Paterson

For this layout, Markus didn’t mind kneeling and getting the dirt on his nude overalls or even his face. It reminds us of The Veteran In A New Field painting by Winslow Homer and can be also likened to the time where he left the intrusive world of showbiz and went to the UK with Janella just to be with her during her pregnancy.


Markus Paterson

A huge contrast among the fields, Markus is in an all black utilitarian ensemble and is reminiscent of the painting entitled, Winter, by Andrew Wyeth that depicts a boy pacing down a hill.


Markus Paterson

A vision in blue, Markus looks like a modern man from the Stranger Things cast. While it isn’t technically a painting, the dream isn’t too far from reality especially he’s already starred in thriller films like Dead Kids.