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Ahead Of His Manila Concert, Pink Sweats Is So Excited, He Just Can’t Hide It

Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?

In a world aggressively ravaged by cynicism, Pink Sweats is here to make you realize through his music that spans the Pink Moon and beyond that there is a lot more to look forward to in life.

In a world oversaturated and overwhelmed with information by increments of mere seconds, certain words get thrown around so much that its brilliance is dulled and meaning dumbed down. While there is nothing wrong with using terms at the behest of a context centered on communication and connection, more of than not, it doesn’t sound exciting anymore. Take the enthusiasm and eagerness seamed through the word “excited” for example. With a lot of things that subjectively merit dizzying delight racing at warp speed simultaneously on multiple timelines, it takes a greater deal to rouse someone’s spirits. But even if that is so, there are still reasons to bat for genuine enthusiasm over something that overarches the personal, professional, and passionate. Just ask Pink Sweats.

“I can’t wait. I’m amped up, because I’ve just been waiting for this moment for so long,” the American singer and songwriter says, his energy bursting through the now familiar geometric window of Zoom. “The last two years, I’ve just been waiting to go outside and travel the world. I have a huge fan base in the Philippines, so I’ve been wanting to go there and experience the culture, the people. Now that things are opened up, I’m so excited.” Underscoring the buzzing sentiment, which comes mere days before he finally sets foot in Manila for his Pink Moon Tour. “I’m expecting a lot of high energy, big energy,” continues Pink Sweats (stylized asa PinkSweat$). “That was the one thing I was told, from my Filipino friends here: ‘Yo, Filipinos really love music and they’re big on supporting the people they love.’ So, it’s going to be crazy. I can’t wait, man. I can’t stop smiling.”

It might be hard to believe, especially in a world ravaged by cynicism, and coming from a man who has a penchant for gutting, emotional swings realized in melodic intricacies and lyrical prowess. But he really is so excited, he just can’t hide it.

To The Pink Moon

Despite being responsible for such heart-wrenching tracks such as Honesty, At My Worst, and I Feel Good, there is no heaviness to the spirit of Pink Sweats. Even taking his religious upbringing and early days as a demo vocalist, there is this incredible sense of lightness to Pink Sweats (David Bowden in real life), that permeates through the screen and distance that separates our conversation. Compound that with the pandemic, you ask? No sweat, says Pink Sweats.

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“Honestly, I had the easiest time creating, because I didn’t have anything else to focus on. When something so dramatic happens in the world, you either become more open or closed. For me, I became more open, because now, everything is important,” he says of making music was a challenge or breakthrough in the awning of the pandemic that has, as everyone grappled with, wreaked havoc on the world.  “You have this invisible thing floating in the air and tomorrow, you might not be here. Instead of closing myself off, I opened my mind and spirit, and I’m like, let me be vulnerable…I became more open in seeing life and appreciating the beauty in the small things.”

While he is big on experimenting on his expressions, as evidenced by the transitions ascertained in Pink Moon, The Prelude, and Pink Planet, this introspection fits as an expansion of his persistent point-of-view in music. “For me, it really just gives me a perspective of being conscious of the energy that I put out to the universe through my songs…And just trying to share love. I feel like the one thing that you can never argue is there is never enough love in the world. You can always use a little more,” ponders Pink Sweats. “Growing up how I grew up, it was very restrictive, but I learned a lot of things as far as just how important it is for people to have hope and something to believe in. When you have nothing to believe in it’s like life can feel meaningless sometimes. And it doesn’t have to be religion so to speak. It can be a dream, a vision, and a goal. We need something to keep us going, keep pushing. So, that’s something I hold close to my heart, I want to give people a little gasoline in their tank to keep on pushing just another day.”

At His Best Yet

With everything that he puts out, whether it is an exercise of catharsis on his end, the listener, or both, he wants to simply create an experience that matters. Ideal and perhaps naïve as some may take it, Pink Sweats wants to spread the love. “It’s important to do that, because we live in a world where now, people are scared to say how they really feel. You know, people have a lot of anger, a lot of resentment, a lot of these negative emotions. But the reality is, everything comes back to love, because whenever you see somebody frustrated and angry, you can trace it back to love. They really just want to feel love from somebody, somewhere,” he asserts.

It is this pureness of intention to disperse love in every note, melody, and lyric of his, is what makes the music that he makes latch on the souls of those who lend an ear. Truth be told, he finds it a little too hard to believe that he is where he is today, soundtracking the lives of others from his zip code and beyond. “Man, you can only dream. And for me, I thought about all these things, you know? But it’s just different when it actually happens. In my brain, I want this to happen. But when it manifests, you ask yourself, that worked? That dream I had, it actually came true,” says Pink Sweats, who apart from making his own music, has collaborated with artists like Kehlani, GOT7’s BAMBAM, and Seventeen. “Sometimes I just look around and go, wow, I’m blessed. Thank God and thank all of my fans. I’m so grateful.”

In this landscape of unending gratitude, he recalls a particularly special story that involves his music that he holds near and dear his heart. “I met a couple, they became boyfriend and girlfriend first from my songs. They sent the songs to each other, becoming each other’s person,” Pink Sweats shares, his face beaming as he recounts every priceless detail. “And then they end up getting married, and I sang at their wedding. To me, that was the craziest thing ever. It was so special being a part of someone’s love story.”

For someone who claims to not know where he is going sometimes, favoring a breezy drive by and a soul-stirring vibe, the boy from Philly sure seems to have found his place beyond the Pink Moon. Whether it be a vibe in Manila or a lingering love story, Pink Sweats has a lot of things to be excited for. (The best yet, which he doesn’t have to hide, really.) And if his smile and songs doesn’t tell you as much, we don’t know what else will.

Together with Live Nation Philippines, Pink Sweats Presents Pink Moon Live In Manila lands at the New Frontier Theater on September 27, 8:00 PM