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Karen Davila And Lyca Gairanod Dedicated Their Joint Birthday Party To Giving Back To The Community

A wholesome joint birthday slay.

One of the most anticipated birthday parties of the year finally came. And Lyca Gairanod and Karen Davila decided to use the occasion to help those in need.

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One of the distinct traits of memes is that they can turn seemingly regular events or occurrences into much-talked-about topics. Case in point, Lyca Gairanod and Karen Davila having the same birthday. In case you forgot, during an interview Karen did with Lyca back in August this year, Lyca told Karen that her birthday was on November 21. Karen’s birthday was also on November 21 and her reaction to the revelation launched a thousand memes.

Both promised each other that they would celebrate their birthday together and true to their word, they did. When November 21 finally rolled around, Lyca and Karen came together for the much-hyped super birthday. (They even had a countdown announcement of sorts.) And the best part about it was that they spent their birthday giving back to the community.


Their birthday party was held in Lyca’s hometown of Tanza, Cavite. While Karen and Lyca could have publicized the occasion and easily spent their birthday together and have it be just about them, they instead decided to celebrate it with the community as well. Instead of just them getting gifts, they will be the ones to give.

Renting out a local community center, Karen, Lyca, and other sponsors prepared to give away goodies and other donations to local community members who needed them. And they didn’t skimp out on giving much-needed items. They gave away bicycles, helmets, smartphones, chargers, pocket WiFi, and even new clothes from H&M. A select group of deserving beneficiaries were chosen to receive the giveaways as well as celebrate with the pair. Gretchen Ho was even on-hand to help give the donations. Afterward, they held a birthday lunch and the duo even recreated their iconic meme. They also visited Lyca’s neighborhood and met her grandmother.

It was nice to see Lyca and Karen reunite, who turned 17 and 51 respectively. But it was even better that they used to moment to help others. It was one of those times when a meme turned into something greater. If Lyca Gairanod and Karen Davila do decide to celebrate their now-iconic birthday again together next year, hopefully, they could continue using the occasion to help people. Two queens celebrating their birthday and giving back to the community, we love to see it.

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