LVNA By Drake Dustin

LVNA by Drake Dustin Creates a Spark that’s Out of this World

Put on these jewelry pieces that shine as bright as the moon and the stars

Whenever we hear the word “luxury”, we always think of expensive, out-of-budget pieces that are a tad bit scary to even consider spending on. But what people sometimes don’t realize is that every single opulent item is an investment that can even be passed on for generations to come. As the holiday season is in our midst, why not invest in a stunning piece of jewelry as a gift for yourself or someone else? LVNA by Drake Dustin is the high-end jewelry brand where each piece you get is definitely worth it.

Shining, shimmering, and truly splendid

LVNA’s most-ambitious pieces of jewelry yet are what they call “A Moon’s Embrace”. With the stones loaned from the brand’s partners in Hong Kong, the necklace and earrings were especially made for their 2021 Stay Brilliant campaign, and were worn by their ambassador, Ivana Alawi. Inspired by the entrancing beauty of the full moon and all the bright stars surrounding it, the necklace was created with a rare 11cts fancy yellow diamond centerpiece and 87cts of multi-cut white diamonds, representing the moon and the stars respectively. Set in a way to show the complexity of the heavenly bodies, the necklace really is a heavenly embrace around a woman’s neck. Meanwhile, the earrings that the collection comes with were intricately crafted with classic drop diamond earrings with two matching pairs of 5cts yellow diamond, 3cts Princess-cut diamond, and 8cts of multi-cut white diamonds.

LVNA Jewelry

Everyday shine for your everyday grind

Apart from the aforementioned pieces that LVNA has created, they also offer other items that can be worn on the daily, making them the perfect gifts for your loved ones who need some sparkle in their lives. Their classic Everyday-Wear Jewelry that includes rings, bracelets, and necklaces were made using the latest machines in jewelry production by their Hong Kong partners. Despite undergoing production with the latest technology, these pieces are still more affordable than the rest.

LVNA Jewelry

To know more about these blinding jewelry pieces, visit LVNA by Drake Dustin’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.