Watch Liza Soberano Celebrate Her YouTube Gold Play Button And Buwan Ng Wika With Enrique Gil

Watch Liza Soberano Celebrate Her YouTube Gold Play Button And Buwan Ng Wika With Enrique Gil

They get sili with it.

Breaking through her first million subscribers on YouTube, which now stands at about 1.45 million, Liza Soberano enlists the help of Enrique Gil in a trivia game: Category is: Filipino TV and films.

Not many people can lay claim to the fact that in just less than a year, with about eight videos, they would hit their first million subscribers on any social media platform. Among the fortunate few who holds this record is Liza Soberano, who in October last year, broke through this milestone on YouTube, much to her delight and her loyal viewers, of course.

Just like many of her contemporaries, the actress and advocate leaned in on the digital realm over the past few years, expanding her reach and to step out of her comfort zone, too. “I’ve always wanted to do a channel that’s all about the things I love, care about and enjoy. From really random fun things, to things I’ve learned (and am currently learning), down to quality time with my family, friends and loved ones and everything else in between that bring me joy,” writes Liza Soberano on her YouTube page, Life With Liza. “As I go along this channel, I hope this brings you a little spark or joy and happiness in your lives, as much as it makes me smile doing it.”

And she sure did deliver on the smiles, because with a playlist of 12 videos that average from the hundred of thousands to millions of views, everyone sure is enjoying what she is putting out on her own pace.


Spicing Things Up

Over the year, Life With Liza has taken us into the inner workings of the actress’ mind, which up to this point has ranged from K-pop, day-in-the-life, and reaction segments. Today, the channel prides itself with 1.45 million subscribers (as of this writing), as well as of a promise to publish more content for the audience to be entertained with. “This is the start of something new,” as Liza Soberano says (and sings!) in her latest video release. But we are getting ahead of the story.

In celebration of Buwan Ng Wika, Liza Soberano, together with Enrique Gil, sat down to play a round of Time For Trivia, an episode she did previously in honor of her previous milestone, the the YouTube Silver Play Button. This time, however, the upped the ante by challenging themselves to a Filipino TV shows and movies edition.

Kamusta kayo?” and so goes the description of Liza Soberano for the YouTube video. Of course, there was an English version, but in the spirit of our own beautiful language, they had typed it in Filipino as well. “Para sa Buwan ng Wika, magbibigay pugay kami sa mga pelikula’t teleseryeng Pinoy! Mas sanay akong mag Ingles pero sinubukan ko talagang mag Tagalog. Kung sino mang matalo o mas kaunti ang nahulaan, may parusa at para naman sa mas maraming nahulan, mabuti yan! Haha. Sana matuwa kayo dito, nahirapan kaming kaunti pero natuwa din naman kaming gawin ito.”

The Golden Touch

In the YouTube episode, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil power through Pinoy pop culture mainstays, with right and wrong answers being alternated between them. From Praybeyt Benjamin, Encantadia, to their very own, My Ex And Whys, it was a cute back and forth, proving who really is the Filipino film and television afficionado. By the end, Liza Soberano wins the game of Time For Trivia, but it being a space of fairness, she had to bite into the spicy sili for every mistake incurred. Sorry, Quen.

Once the heat settled, Liza Soberano took the time to thank her followers and viewers for being there on her YouTube journey. “Thank you so much for continuously supporting me even though there’s a lack of content on my end. But don’t worry, we’re really trying our best to provide you guys something new,” she says, Gold Play Button plaque in hand. “Hopefully you keep supporting us.”

As it is, things are looking mighty golden for Miss Liza Soberano on YouTube and beyond. Now, while she is set to bring us more joy in future episodes of Life With Liza, is the prospect of the diamond glimmering from the horizon? We wouldn’t be surprised if she hits this mark in no time, because come on, the power that she holds is something else, right?