archie carrasco award

Lessons On Leadership, As Realized By Asia Leaders Awardee, Archie Carrasco

“You must always remember to put your people first.”

Following his distinction as one of the recipients of the prestigious Asia Leaders Awards, Archie Carrasco teaches us what it means to be a leader that matters.

When the pandemic first unleashed its wrath in the awning of the year 2020, and everything was frustratingly uncertain, everyone was faced to make a choice in many facets of their lives: fight or flight?

Understandably, and compounded by circumstance beyond one’s control, there were those compelled to make heartbreaking decisions where it mattered. This period, as Archie Carrasco put its, was “a test of authentic leadership,” which is a phrase the man who has weathered many storms does not take lightly. Where others were scaling down or closing shop, the CEO and Chairman of AGC Power Holdings Corp. was already finding ways to recalibrate his businesses even as the word pivot was becoming a mainstay in many conversations of the time. With the people that work for the many brands, titles, and departments that carry the good name of his company in mind, Archie Carrasco chose to fight.

Even amidst the persistence of the pandemic, the businesses he captained not only survived, but thrived. It is for these contributions, as well as of so many more over the years that earned Archie Carrasco the distinction of being one of the country’s top leaders and innovators as named by the prestigious Asia Leaders Awards. Not only is the award-giving body built to recognize the best of the best, but it also honors those making a difference not only within their respective industries, but for also promoting the Philippines as a worthy business hub in Asia and beyond.

On Leadership That Matters

Just like with anyone searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, it wasn’t easy for Archie Carrasco, and together with his team and the people he works with, he soldiered on. Employing a people first principle in the work he does everyday, Archie Carrasco was not only able to save his company, but sought to ensure the welfare of his employees and families. And against all odds, he kept everyone, including himself, above the testy waters.

“Not doing what everyone else is doing is the secret,” begins Archie Carrasco. “Limiting yourself to the status quo won’t work. Instead, one should project what makes you unique from others, and that’s how the world will notice your efforts.” And notice the country did, with the consistent and compelling efforts stemming from AGC Power Holdings Corp., which carries with it, among others, One Mega Group and Mega Global Licensing Inc. Befitting to be lauded as one of the 15 Rising Tigers and Nation Builders for the Men and Women Who Matter List of 2022, he has exceeded expectations despite the limits of the global crisis, making an impact, and inspiring others.

But for Archie Carrasco, this nod is much more than himself, but instead is a culmination of his years working hard and pushing beyond the known boundaries. He also counts very important people who helped shaped the man that he is now in the industry: Frances J. Yu, former AVP for Marketing of Rustan’s, and the late founder of One Mega Group, Sari V. Yap. It is through their guidance that he was able to realized and see something greater than he ever thought of at the onset, and today, he continues to dream big as the great leader and visionary of the much more expansive AGC Power Holdings Corp.

To Continued Success

As the energy of the world shifts, this time with more consideration for passion and purpose, Archie Carrasco says that in the pursuit of progress, one has to lean in to change, especially in business. “Always prepare your business for the future. During unpredictable times such as the global pandemic, no one could have anticipated the economic toll it took on businesses,” he explains. Naturally, the stakes are higher, and this time, he is committed to taking what is the best of the country in media, marketing, and advertising to the global stage.

“I am fortunate to have an incredibly innovative and high-functioning team behind me. It was through their unwavering support, hard work and dedication that our company was able to expand and evolve despite the limitations brought by our current situation,” asserts Archie Carrasco, which he underscores is a crucial component to his continuing success. “At the end of the day, the true meaning of success is your level of happiness dictated by what you have achieved and how you have inspired those around you. It is important to keep in mind that above all your successes, you must always remember to put your people first.”