KMJS segment on the k-pop fan who spent 2 M on merch

This K-pop Fan’s Merch Collection Is A Lesson On Responsible Stanning

Lilipad ang aming team sa K-pop store.

Needless to say, Pinoy K-pop stans had a lot to say on the story of “Bea” and her recent feature on KMJS.

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While it’s is perfectly reasonable to stan K-pop groups and idols by just listening to their music and watching their videos, the experience often isn’t complete without buying merch. There’s a whole culture and system in place when it comes to buying K-pop merch, especially albums and the much-coveted photocards. Entire markets have been set up just to facilitate this often expensive hobby. People can go to great lengths to collect them all like Pokémon. However, that dedication can turn into an obsession that can lead down a dark path. And that’s what Bea (not her real name) sadly fell into with her story sending Pinoy K-pop Twitter into a tizzy.


It all started when a local K-pop merch seller on Twitter shared DMs they got from the tita of a seller that ghosted them saying that the buyer stole money from them. The tita asked for the seller to return what money they can and revealed that their story would be featured on an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. And true enough, that’s what happened when the March 5 episode of the show, which featured Bea and the great K-pop thievery of the 2023—so far.

As she shared, Bea, who currently is a senior high school student, wanted to buy K-pop merch but had no money of her own to afford it. So, she stole money from her lola’s business to pay for it. This continued for a while as Bea loved the feeling of collecting merch from her favorite idols like ENHYPEN and BLACKPINK. It eventually grew to a whopping 3000 photocard collection organized in 23 binders. All in all, Bea’s stash amounted to being worth a jaw-dropping two million pesos. Eventually, the jig was up when Bea’s tita accidentality discovered some of the photocards hidden in a closet as her grandmother learned what her granddaughter did to her.

Understandably, Pinoy K-pop stans took to social media to share their thoughts on Bea’s actions, often finding the humor in it with how their own parents might react to the story. But there’s also a lesson to be learned here of knowing when to stop and hurting others just to fuel a hobby. While it is a nice feeling to unbox that K-pop album, it should always be done within one’s means. Here are just some reactions from netizens.





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