KD Estrada Sings About Romantic Destiny In ‘Love Led Us Here’

Love led KD to write this song.

In his latest heartfelt ballad, KD Estrada revels in the joyful delight of meeting that perfect person who is truly meant for you.

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Following the enchanting fairytale-like music video for his romantic song Days featuring Alexa Ilacad, KD Estrada returns to captivate us once more with his latest single, Love Led Us Here. And just when you thought you had your fill of KD’s heartfelt serenades, prepare to be proven wrong as he continues to mesmerize us with his timeless harana era.


Released under ABS-CBN Star Music, Love Led Us Here finds singer-actor KD Estrada in his element, just truly in love and smitten with a special someone. Written by Putito Chief and produced by StarPop’s head Rox Santos, KD’s latest ballad delves into the joyful satisfaction of finding the perfect person, of meeting your destiny. 

If fate’s a story / It’s you being for me / And wе could finally say / That the search is over now,” the heartfelt lyrics go as KD Estrada delivers them with a soaring and uplifting voice that evokes a sense of romantic bliss, inviting you to join in, sing along, and feel that happiness. Having witnessed KD and Alexa’s affectionate expressions of love for each other both online and in real life, listening to Love Led Us Here feels like another heartfelt declaration from KD to Alexa, expressing that he “could not ask for more” and that their love is truly “worth fighting for.”

The release of Love Led Us Here comes on the heels of KDLex’s successful portrayal of Julia and Tenyong in the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) hit musical comedy, Walang Aray. In addition to KD’s self-written track, Days, he has previously released several other tracks and collaborated with Alexa. Their collaboration on the Run To Me soundtrack last year resulted in the creation and performance of songs such as Palagi, Hiwaga, Kasi, Kung, Kahit, When I See You Again, and Misteryo, which has amassed millions of streams on Spotify.

And today, on May 30, 2023, the devoted fans of KDLex, lovingly known as Sweethearts, celebrated anew as their beloved stars had their own billboards displayed in Times Square, New York. Excited fans shared their videos standing proudly in front of the digital posters featuring KD Estrada to promote Love Led Us Here and Alexa Ilacad for Stay Right Here. Love led them here, indeed.

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