The K-pop Releases, Concerts, And Fanmeets Of July To Prepare Your Wallets For

Oh, this is gonna be a fun month.

Now who told all these artists to release new music in the same month?

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In the world of K-pop, there’s no such thing as a quiet month. A new month means brand new releases, drops, comebacks, and more. But when looking at what’s in store for us this July, the schedule is packed to the brim with new music from some of K-pop’s biggest stars. And that isn’t adding the concerts and fanmeets happening in the country as well. It seems as if every week, a few superstars have a single or album for us, and we aren’t complaining (well, maybe except for our wallet). Get your calendar and funds ready for these releases, concerts, and fanmeets coming our way this July 2023.


It has been a long wait for EXO-Ls, but its worth it now that EXO’s highly-awaited new album, EXIST, is finally dropping this July 10. From the pre-release singles that they’ve dropped, best believe we’ll be ready to stream from front to back their 7th album. And, as Baekhyun teased during his performance at Overpass in June, Pinoy EXO-Ls may soon reunite with their best boys.


Following the wild ride that was Boys Planet, ZEROBASEONE is finally ready to entertain their fans with their official debut coming this July 10. With the release of their first mini album, YOUTH IN THE SHADE, the boys will make their official foray into K-pop, and hopefully a successful career.  


Now that the girls are free from their old company, we’re ready to see the LOONA members back on the scene again. And for those wanting new music, ODD EYE CIRCLE is giving just that with Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry dropping their mini-album, Version Up, on July 12. We already can feel that this trio is going to serve.


Make way for the queen, Sandara Park is back with her youthful summer glow to release her long-awaited solo Korean music. On July 12, prepare to enter the carnival with the release of her debut solo Korean mini-album and title track, FESTIVAL. Not only are we excited to see Dara slay once more, but we’re ready to see her hit the stage again like the 2nd gen icon that she is.


The solo releases for BTS continues, and up next is Jungkook who may just well stop the world when he drops his song, Seven, on July 14. Combined with the fact that BIGHIT MUSIC has described Seven as a “summer song” and rumors that Han So Hee will star in the music video, Jungkook’s solo era is about to give everything we need.


Pinoy Deobi and THE BOYZ are about to have the best kind of reunion this July as the K-pop boy group are set to hold a concert at Araneta Coliseum on July 15, making it their biggest solo show in the country to date.


To some, ISTJ is known as the personality type for introverts and observant thinkers. But to NCTzens, it’s the name of the group’s third full-length album dropping this July 17. And going by the teasers they have dropped so far; the group look to be going for an introverted-extroverted theme.


ASAP NewJeans comeback/hurry up/don’t be lazy. From collaborating with Powerpuff Girls and going for a more Fairy Core aesthetic, NewJeans has been pulling out all the stops for their second EP, Get Up, dropping on July 21. Ethereal music and moodboard-worthy fashion look to be coming together for one of the most anticipated K-pop comebacks of 2023.  


It’s only been seven months since Kim Seon Ho had his first fanmeet in Manila, yet our favorite Good Boy is coming back again to the country, this time for a fanmeet on July 22 at Araneta Coliseum courtesy of Bench.


Ever since 2022, the Be You series has brought some of our fave K-pop groups and artists to the country for concerts that help underprivileged sectors of Philippine society. And this July, their back with their third edition on July 23 at the Araneta Coliseum. This time, Apink, CIX, and more will entertain their Filipino fans, all for the benefit of people with cleft lip and palate.   


If Marshmallow is anything to go by, then we know MISAMO is going to serve when their debut mini-album, Masterpiece, drops on July 26. TWICE’s first sub-unit is coming for wigs.


A new era for TREASURE is on the horizon, which is fitting then given that their second full-length album dropping on July 28 is called REBOOT. We’re very much ready for the group’s first full-group comeback of the year.


PH SONEs are eating good this July. First, Yuri is having a fanmeet on July 9. Then, Taeyeon is coming back to the country following her K-Verse set last April. And this time, SNSD’s leader is going big with her solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum on July 30. She’s about to mother so hard with her stable of hits and golden voice.


If you had any doubt about ITZY following their rollercoaster of a year in 2022, the girl group looks to dispel all that with the release of their new album, KILL MY DOUBT, on July 31. Serving as the group’s first comeback of the year, the album, and the whole era in general, is gunning to remind people why ITZY is one of 4th generation’s biggest groups.

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