When It Comes To Creating Content For IG, Johan Kyle Ong Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Johan Kyle Ong is a man of many talents, including making great IG content.

Fashion designer, singer, and amazing IG content creator are just some words you can use to describe Johan Kyle Ong.

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Most people who are 18 are still trying to find out who they want to be. For Johan Kyle Ong though, it’s quite the opposite. He is a fashion designer, singer, and songwriter…and he only just graduated high school last year. Already achieving much at such an age, we are made of witness of his growth on his social media accounts, especially Instagram. A young man of many talents, it’s no surprise then that his feed is goals.

He posts a variety of content on his Instagram from work-related things to candid photos, him hanging out with friends, and other things a talented 18-year-old guy would post. Regardless of what he posts and shares, he always looks great in them. He constantly delivers S-tier IG content. If ever we need inspiration for our IG feed, we know where to look. “This whole experience has been lots of fun and really there’s no one else to thank but you guys.”

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