Jimin And Retro Synthpop Is Such A Good Combo, It’s Actually Scary

The category is FACE.

With FACE, Jimin realizes years of hard work in a lean yet effective body of work that comes from a special place.

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Following Jin, j-hope, and RM, Jimin is next up to drop solo music. And given the teases leading up to the moment, it’s a debut many ARMY have been waiting for. His solo singles with BTS, like Lie, are immaculate. His performance skills are some of the best K-pop has ever seen. It’s a deadly combo that makes for an impactful debut album as he looks to give his all into the project. The members so far have all released solo music that revealed something new, personal, or deep about themselves. And for Jimin, he goes bold with FACE in an album that depicts a confident pop star ready to get personal.


Jimin FACE

Jimin’s FACE era is led by the single, Like Crazy, and he definitely has us going crazy with the track. While we’re used to hearing the idol in pop, hip-hop, and ballads, Jimin goes another direction with his take on retro synthpop. He turns back the clock to the 80s for a fun yet sensual ditty on spending sweet time with that special someone in an effort to stay blissful.


Taking inspiration from one of his favorite movies of the same name, Like Crazy is about running away from the pain and focusing on the thing that makes you happy. His naturally light voice suits the production so well as he confidently moves through each line. Retro was not an angle we expected Jimin to go to, but we’re thankful he did. The synths and beats combine with Jimin’s vocals for a catchy number. Like Crazy starts relatively light and sweet before the drums kick in at the 30-second mark. And those lyrics, we see you Jimin. If he wants to get it, he can get it.


Jimin keeps the party going with the song’s music video as we find him partying at the club. But it also hints at that missing piece he’s looking for. As Jimin surveys a crowd that’s getting down, he stands out as he tries to find a way to keep that spark going. The use of black liquid highlights this imperfect yet passionate relationship. The video itself is not that dance-heavy, which is a nice touch since it shows Jimin in a new light. And besides, we already got the heavy choreography with Set Me Free Pt. 2. It’s an unexpected but welcome move from Jimin.

Jimin bts

As for the rest of his debut EP, FACE comes in at an economical six tracks and under 20 minutes. But Jimin gets to say what he needs to say through pop and R&B tracks. His debut solo album sees the superstar look into himself and face his own emotions, as evidenced by the rippling of water in the album cover art and the songs.

From the introspective Face-off to the emotional slow jam Alone, and ending on Set Me Free Pt.2, his epic anthem on self-autonomy from the judgment, he goes through a journey. Needless to say, Jimin keeps the streak going with great bangers from the members’ solo projects. It’s a competent body of work that both speaks to who Jimin is as well as shows off what he’s capable of. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be adding Like Crazy to our playlist.

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