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Just Friends Being Friends, Janine Gutierrez And Paulo Avelino Duke It Out On Twitter Because Of Turon

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

With all that goes down on Twitter, a dash of humor always helps keep things moving. Taking to the bird app for gags and giggles, Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino display what friendship is like online these days.

A lot of things happen on Twitter. In its fast-paced, on the pulse, and highly engaged nature, there is no shortage of information and culture catalysts that fill one’s timeline at every scroll. From breaking news, opinion fodder (whether necessary or not), and really, gems of thought that can fill up the space of the 280-character limit, there is always a lot to take in. This is why with all things accounted for, humor is a large part of what drives the momentum of the blue bird app on the daily. Whether it be sarcastic one liners, memes, or brain farts, the joy is not lost amid the unavoidable gloom and doom. In every mundane by-the-second update, there is bound to be a good giggle or a crack of cackle from something someone tweeted out-of-the-blue, like Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino going at it because of, wait for it, turon.

Of course, this was pure fun just made for laughs.

Hinahanap ka na ni Direk sa set @janinegutierrez sang sulok ka na naman ba kumakain ng turon,” wrote Paulo Avelino on Twitter a few days back. “Lumpia kasi to,” Janine Gutierrez shot back at Paulo in a quote tweet. And so began the hilarious exchange between the two, which eventually took a life of its own with jabs thrown at each other. Besides, are you really friends if you haven’t made fun of each other? It’s just a joke after all, and Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Gutierrez have quite the arsenal on their side ready to take aim at a moment’s notice.

Of Turon And Twitter

From that point on, the gloves were off on the set of their soon-to-be-aired series on ABS-CBN, Marry You, Marry Me, and what followed was presumably a furious and frenzied tapping back and forth that involved a motorcycle, P3500, and a digging up of their individual past. Not that we were expecting anything less, because these two are not only brilliant actors primed for even more greatness in film and television, but they are equally as good connecting online, especially on Twitter. Definitely relatable.

“The face you make bago maghasik ng lagim sa Twitter,” posted Janine Gutierrez, which was attached with an image of Paulo Avelino hunkered down on his phone, perhaps plotting his next move.

True enough, the actor tweeted not too long after with an image of his co-star hiding under a table with a box of, you guess it, turon. “Sabi sa inyo kada kilo bumili to ng turon eh,” he said, to which Janine replied, “Hindi ako magpapahuli ng buhay!” That seemed to have ended their playful online bardagulan, and a most fitting one at that, because it closed off where it started, with turon.

Just For Laughs

Even if Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino have cooled things off on Twitter and enacted a truce, the fans were not to be left out as they too got in on the banter between the two. If this energy is any indication of what the audience will expect in their show, Marry Me, Marry You, which is a story that revolves around a couple who must learn how to navigate the tradition of marriage and the extensions tucked within, then it might just be the dose of lighthearted fun that the world is in desperate need of right now. While there is no escaping the clutches of reality, there are these pockets of entertainment on television and on Twitter that we can slip off to and exhale, even just for the time being.

Now, one question remains: what really happened to the change of P3500?