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JaneNella Gave Us Everything We Wanted And More In The ‘Hey You’ Music Video

"Love is love, regardless of who it finds."

JaneNella, or Janella Salvador and Jane de Leon, just ended a drought themselves as they starred in Janella’s music video for ‘Hey You’.

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JaneNella stans rise! The pairing of singer and actress Janella Salvador and actress Jane de Leon has won over many hearts, to the point that it’s almost an everyday occurrence for fans to call for projects starring the two.

Janella Salvador and Jane de Leon emerged as a beloved pairing after their acting and chemistry as Valentina and Darna, respectively on television series Darna (2022-2023) together, earning the portmanteau Darlentina, as well as JaneNella. You just had to be there. Since then, the people have been begging for more projects for them to star in together, and the two have made it known that they want one, too.

Taking matters into their own hands, Janella and Jane starred in a romantic music video for Janella Salvador’s new single Hey You, in which Janella plays a lovesick student, infatuated with Jane, classmate and resident athlete. Initially thinking her love was unrequited, Janella eventually introduced herself to Jane, prompted by the latter’s note that said “Hey You!”, and the rest was sweet, sapphic history.

From immersive sets to classic, well-known romance tropes, Janella and Jane gave the people what they wanted in the music video, essentially making their own GL themselves and sending a message of love and solidarity—on Pride Month, no less!


janenella janella salvador jane de leon hey you music video gl sapphic mv

Becoming good friends after working on Darna, Janella and Jane have expressed their desire to work on another project together, to the joy of many fans. Janella, an ally and staunch supporter and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, jokingly said that she was tired of waiting for people to give them a GL, so she took matters into her own hands. Thankfully, the two are set to star in a movie soon called How To Be A Good Wife, but its details are yet to be revealed.

Janella also revealed earlier this year that the two were also pitched a GL movie, but plans fell through. But clearly, they haven’t closed the door on GL projects together, as evidenced by Hey You, in which the storyline was conceptualized by Janella, and Jane was totally on board. Hey You made their—and their fans’—wishes for a GL come true, showed off their talents and renowned chemistry, and hopefully signaled to people watching just how magical a longform project for them would be.


After the new twists that was given to the characters and relationship between Narda/Darna and Regina/Valentina, JaneNella emerged as a formidable pairing due to being formidable talents themselves. The popularity of Darlentina trickled down into the popularity of JaneNella, their friendship and openness being a dream for any stan. They even won the Favorite Ship Poll in last year’s Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re H3re!

janenella janella salvador jane de leon hey you music video gl sapphic mv

The ode to classic rom-com tropes, the distinct characterizations between the two, and their subtle reference to sapphic pairing Bubbline (Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure Time) through their clothing in the last scene was all genius on their part, and definitely got fans giggling and kicking their feet.

With Hey You, JaneNella show that they can handle—and are down for—a romantic storyline, and that they’ve got the support for it. Darlentina and JaneNella fans are loud and proud, always showing support for the two artists and their friendship. The music video also serves as a little gift to their dedicated fans, and hopefully a sign of more to come, not to mention how its storyline can also be a “what if” of sorts for Narda and Regina. We can only imagine their reaction the moment they found out what they were in for with Hey You!


janenella janella salvador jane de leon hey you music video gl sapphic mv

JaneNella and their music video team were able to draw from real life and portrayed relatable moments that we can’t help but get kilig at. All-girls school, check. Crushing on an athlete, check. Years-long infatuation that won’t go away with both parties being too shy to make a move, check. Petty fights and eventual make-ups, check! The music video was a story in and of itself, showing the blossoming relationship between Janella and Jane’s characters, and it is oh-so sweet.

janenella janella salvador jane de leon hey you music video gl sapphic mv

Though essentially wordless except for the song lyrics, Janella and Jane were able to show off the chemistry and relationship they’re now known for just through simple looks and acting. From what Janella’s character thought was unrequited love, only stealing glances at Jane’s character, to a warm, loving, reciprocated relationship between the two young women, the music video is a love letter to not just their fans, but to all the women and sapphics in love, and all those who dare to love, as stated by the ending message, “Love is love, regardless of who it finds.” Here’s to more sapphic stories in mainstream media. Now, JaneNella rom-com when?

Screenshots taken from Hey You music video.

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