james alyn wee hybs disband thai music duo

This Time Around, James Alyn Doesn’t Want To Say Goodbye (Again)

Trying something new.

Thai-Singaporean singer-songwriter James Alyn, formerly of duo HYBS, is returning to the solo scene with fresh perspective.

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Artists having other projects besides what they’re often most known for is nothing new in any industry. Going solo after being in a duo or group act also isn’t a rare occurrence—and plenty of people found success doing it, even at the cost of many fans’ heartbreak. Having a solo career before they become part of a band is less common, but also not unheard of.

All this to say, artists ending a collaborative project and parting ways with each other isn’t the end of the world, and all we can do most of the time is cherish the time we’ve had with them. Unsurprisingly, many of them hold the same sentiment.

Thailand-based musical duo HYBS announced their disbandment earlier this year. Though never intended to be a long-term project, the duo found success with tracks like Ride, Dancing with my phone, and Tip Toe. Composed of longtime long-lost friends Karn (Kasidej Hongladaromp) and Alyn (James Alyn Wee), the HYBS project lasted from 2021 to 2024, concluding with a farewell EP and concert tour. Both members have gone their separate ways (still friends, though!) and have transitioned to solo projects.


Founded at the height of the pandemic, HYBS brought a lot of joy and chill vibes to plenty of people going through a tough time, and even though that chapter of their musical journey has concluded, both Karn and Alyn are carving their own paths and furthering their artistry.

Thai-Singaporean singer-songwriter James Alyn Wee, who previously released music prior to HYBS as Alyn Wee, is relaunching his solo career, marking his new journey under a new iteration of his name, James Alyn, and is carrying new perspective along the way. With his new single Now and Ever, containing lyrics like “I don’t wanna say goodbye to you again,” he turns a page on his career while at the same time commemorating every moment that’s led him to where he is now.

But whatever name he goes by, the singer-songwriter is ready to get back out in the world on his own, applying everything he’s learned and trying out new things, too. In an interview with NYLON Manila, James Alyn discusses returning to solo work, growing as an artist after three years in HYBS, and learning to find inspiration with other people.

james alyn wee hybs disband thai music duo

Congratulations on Now and Ever! How does it feel to restart after you said goodbye to HYBS?

It’s nerve-wracking, really, but also fun for me, because I’m starting to try much more different styles and working with different people. It’s really an eye-opening experience.

How were you able to get over those nerves?

I think I don’t really get over it! I just enjoy it. And of course, when I’m about to release it to finally see what my fans think, I get nervous. I get nervous and excited as well to let them hear my music.

You were a solo artist before you were part of HYBS. What was the reason for going by a different name this time for your solo project?

I just sort of wanted to restart because I’m in such a different place than I was before. I felt like I wanted to redefine my self, my style. So I went with James Alyn, but anyway, I’ll go with anything, you know! I’m still James Alyn.

james alyn wee hybs disband thai music duo

Could you tell me about the moment you realized it was time to move on to other things, try out new styles, and go on this journey yourself?

It wasn’t a moment that I realized, it’s just—the contract that we had was never meant to be long-term, so it was just time for us to finish up the project, but we didn’t expect it to go as far as it did or reach as far as it did. Both of us really had our own journey, our own paths, that we’d like to take. And yeah, I think being apart is the way to grow as well.

Three years is a pretty long time! What have you learned about yourself during your time in HYBS?

So many things! HYBS really opened up so many doors for me. Working with Karn was amazing. It’s really fun and it’s good to have someone to bounce your ideas with while you write or while you arrange. And it was eye-opening. I got to meet so many fans abroad, got to travel to so many countries and played in some of the biggest festivals we’ve ever played in.

It’s just a dream come true to be able to meet artists and idols that we raise and work with so many talented musicians and artists. It really changed how I approach working on music as well, like, I much prefer to work with someone else while arranging or while mixing. Other than writing right now, I’m basically finding people to work with just so I get inspired. The people I work with inspire me and they share ideas, inputs, songs, and styles that I’ve never heard before. So all that really contributes to how my music turns out.

james alyn wee hybs disband thai music duo

You mentioned something about touring and meeting fans. From what I’ve seen, both you and Karn love the touring the performing aspect of it all. Could you tell me more about that?

Just the whole experience—to be able to travel with your band to a new country, a foreign place, the whole experience of meeting the fans and seeing their culture. To share our music with them—it’s really what I’m doing this for, you know? Making music and connecting people. It’s what it’s all about. So, yeah, we love touring. And I’m really excited to be able to come back and maybe one day tour in Indonesia or in any other countries where our fans are waiting.

What about your recent release Now and Ever made you feel like it was the one to relaunch your solo career with?

It was the first song I wrote after HYBS, actually. I thought of the title on our last concert, The Farewell Concert, and I just felt like I wanted to capture that moment and what I had with the band and the fans. I wanted to cherish that now and forever.

The music video is also great! What was the inspiration?

Loads! People were saying that it looks really similar to The End of the F***ing World (2017-2019). We all love that series. The concept was just to make a music video that looked like a movie trailer. The music video team came up with the characters and the storyline. It was super fun working on it, and it looks great, though it was very hot!

Looking back a little bit now, is there anything you would have done differently?

I’d work with a lot more people. Back in the day, I was very picky on who I worked with and most of the time, I tried to do it myself. But I feel like if I worked with more people, I would benefit much more and have much more ideas and input. So, that’s the only thing. Other than that, I think everything has led me here, so no complaints!

james alyn wee hybs disband thai music duo

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans, particularly here and all over Southeast Asia?

I missed the Philippines so much. I’ve played there a couple of times! Thank you so much, everyone who is supporting me. Thanks for all the love you gave to HYBS, and to me right now. I’m so excited to share my music with you guys and travel or tour in the Philippines again. That would be so great. And please stay tuned. And hopefully, I’ll meet you real soon.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity. Images courtesy of James Alyn and Amplified Entertainment.

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