How You Can Help The Victims Of Typhoon Maring

Help out in any way you can.

Here is a running list of emergency hotlines that you can contact and donation drives you can support for relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Maring.

Typhoon Maring hit Northern Luzon late night of October 11. The severe tropical storm brought with it heavy rains, winds, and severe flooding. Places in Cagayan Valley, the Ilocos Region, and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) experienced floods, landslides, and damage to infrastructure. Calls soon hit social media from those asking for help for trapped and affected victims in severely affected areas. Even as the typhoon is set to leave the Philippines ‘ area of responsibility, relief, and rescue operations are currently underway in Northern Luzon. Here is a list of emergency hotlines that you can contact if you know someone who needs help. Here are also donation drives that you can donate money and other goods to help displaced people.



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