Hop On To The Create Next Destination With Your Favorite Artists

It was the bomb dot com.

In the spirit of Filipino street culture and music, Converse takes us on a trip that celebrates the create next campaign, as well as clues us in on what to look forward to from the beloved brand. 

In the playground of creating, there are a lot of possibilities. Where imagination and talent take charge, it becomes an intersection of inspiration that truly furthers the human experience. Whatever the discipline may be, or in the spirit of the times, a multitude of pursuits in the name of passion, there isn’t a more spine-tingling time when a concentration of verve and vision converges at a communal point. For one night, the create next mantra was on the agenda as all roads led to the glint and glimmer of the disco ball in a tucked away club in the underbelly of Manila.

With a firm hold on the pulse of what’s new, now, and next, classic sneaker brand Converse continues its commitment to the spirit of individuality and ingenuity with its Create Next campaign. Never missing a beat on what propels youth culture since its inception in 1908, their persistence and tenacity, as well as of its focus on the movers and shakers across generations has earned itself its place as an important figure in the athletic apparel space. And the spectrum of this focus was in full display as a diverse assemblage of artists, personalities, and opinion leaders trooped to the hip and happening Nokal. 

“Connect with the unexpected,” the brand writes on its Instagram page ahead of the Create Next festivities. True enough, with the buzzing energy and chorus of excitement leading up from the jeepney parked outside the club to the dance floor, it was all about marching to one’s own unique beat.

Create Next Live

Headlined by the electrifying sets of Converse All Stars Kiana V (Does She Know, Heartbeat On Me, Safe Place) and Al James (Pahinga, Mood), there was definitely no shortage of Filipino street culture and music. To further trumpet the music-anchored campaign, it was revealed that the two worked on a collaboration titled Tunog Pinoy, a future Converse All Star anthem that heroes the cacophony of sounds that fill the streets of the Philippines. Moving along, there was a lot more music to enjoy. From the beats of All Star Kate Jagdon to the on-the-fly performance of All Star Timmy Albert (Rent Free), everyone was moving and grooving all night long in their coolest of drips, of course. 

Whether it was the straight up classics or the stacked twists on the beloved pairs, there was no shortage of that distinct Converse Create Next energy. And to bring this code of creation to more Filipinos, the iconic brand announced the arrival of its website, converse.ph. While no other details were revealed, there was a sneak peek into the interface, which was, from what we saw, optimized for an ease of experience for the user. When will it go live, you ask? Well, nothing more than a cryptic “soon” was expressed, but who doesn’t love a good mystery, right?

Music, Please

A wise woman once said, “please don’t stop the music,” and as is standard of fun nights like this, the buzzing energy carried on to spirited heights as the beats soared through the packed club. It was merry, for sure, but what was not missed was a shock of inspiration that jolted people to refreshed expressions. Looking on to the future, the question on everyone’s mind before tapping out was: “What will I create next?”

The answer? Your guess is as good as ours.