Highlights From The First-Ever Song Kang Manila Fanmeet That Left Us Wanting More

"Samahan mo ako sa Korea." - Song Kang, 2023

From his Hype Boy performance to that emotional moment with his fans, Song Kang truly made his first Manila fan meet an unforgettable one.

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Currently one of, if not the most exciting South Korean actor making a name in the industry right now, Song Kang has quickly risen to worldwide fame with his talent, ever-glowing charisma, and an impressive body of work that he’s crafted in the past years. Dubbed as the “Son of Netflix,” Song Kang has charmed us in various original shows.

From being a sweet heartthrob Sun-oh in the high school romantic show, Love Alarm, and his swoon-worthy ballerino Chae-rok in Navillera, to his hopeless romantic Jae-on in Nevertheless and intense anti-hero Hyun-soo in the apocalyptic horror Sweet Home, Song Kang has been captivating many hearts with his incredible range and irresistible allure. 

And thanks to the gender-neutral skincare brand Deoproce, Filipino Songpyeons had the chance to bond with their ultimate oppa last March 5, 2023 in the Song Kang Fun Meet in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum. With the Big Dome filled to the brim with passionate stans, Song Kang’s first-ever Philippine fan meet was surely a day to remember. Here are some of the highlights that are now forever etched in the minds and hearts of fans that left everyone manifesting a Song Kang comeback, stat.


@kdramakings SONG KANG IN MANILA CRIED AFTER THE SURPRISE OF THE FILIPINO FANS! OMG HUHU #songkang #songkanginmanila #songkang_b #kdrama #fyp ♬ original sound – ed saw enha d1&d2!

Just like in the past, Filo stans really know how to touch their mains’ hearts with their overwhelming love. Song Kang couldn’t help but shed some happy tears after watching a surprise fan-made dedication video. Featuring some heartfelt messages and a compilation of Song Kang’s clips, the video visibly tugged at the star’s heartstrings. After taking some time to gather himself, Song Kang, who took a day off from filming just to be with his Songpyeons, thanked his fans and expressed his wholehearted gratitude for their support. Not a dry eye in the room, for sure.


There’s another moment in the fanmeet that made everyone tear up, but this time, it’s because of Song Kang’s cuteness overload. In one instance, the actor squatted down at the stage just to spend some intimate time with the fans, as he did some kyeopta poses much to the deafening screams of the attendees. Song Kang is sometimes called by his fans K-drama’s biggest walking red flag because of his role as the noncommittal yet flirtatious Jae-on in Nevertheless. But this cutest fan meet highlight just proves that Song Kang can very well be the green flag you’re looking for.


It’s not just all acting for the powerhouse talent that is Song Kang. Apparently, he can also captivate you with his endearing dancing skills. Just like when he did his adorable performance of NewJeans’ Hype Boy. We’re not giggling hard watching this, you are!


Through drawing lots, some lucky fans were able to interact with Song Kang and be his Tagalog instructor for a moment. From a simple greeting like “magandang umaga” to that random “kumain na tayo” and the much-requested “mahal kita,” Song Kang did not disappoint to delight his fans with his Tagalog skills. “Samahan mo ako sa Korea,” says Song Kang to the wild reception of the Songpyeons. 


Song Kang also left the fans swooning as they surprised them with short yet satisfying ballet skills that he had learned from the show, Navillera. It was a spur-of-the-moment highlight that even the event’s host Sam Oh couldn’t contain her excitement for it. And due to his fans’ persistent cheers and demand, Song Kang channeled more of his inner Cha-reok with his graceful twirl and movements that left the fans swooning.


Of course, the Filipino Songpyeons had also prepared surprises for Song Kang. Apart from the fans’ dedication video, they also gave their fave K-idol a special cake to celebrate the actor’s sixth work anniversary. What a truly special moment for the Pinoy stans and Song Kang to spend this memorable milestone while here in Manila.


Song Kang’s first-ever Manila fan meet ended on an optimistic note as he shared that he had such an unforgettable time that he enjoyed so much and that he would bring a wonderful memory with him as he heads home. Amidst the cheering of his fans, Song Kang said that he would be back and told the fans to “be happy and be healthy.” And now, the countdown starts for Song Kang’s comeback.

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