Here’s One Very Important Lesson We Can Learn From Our Fave Celebs On Digital Banking

Digital banking 101 with the stars!

Keep your personal information to yourself. Remain safe and choose to be private behind your chosen @username when banking digitally.

No doubt, living in the digital age offers unparalleled convenience in doing daily activities and interactions like updating our family and friends, getting work done, online shopping for our favorite brands, ordering for our cravings, and sobbing to our favorite films all from the comforts of our homes. Even essential errands like banking and sending money have gone digital.

But this era is not exempted from risks. It has its own vulnerabilities. That is why more and more companies are innovating and applying security and privacy features nonstop to ensure everyone’s safety while taking advantage of this convenience—just like what your all-in-one digital bank Maya has done.

Conventionally, the way to send money is to detail certain information such as account numbers, mobile numbers, full names, and email addresses. It is already an exposure of your personal information that online scammers and identity thieves are hungry for. Maya is way ahead of the game as the first digital bank in the Philippines to introduce a new, more private, and secure way to send and receive money, via @usernames. This way, just like friend-tagging in social media, Maya users can opt not to share their critical information to everyone—keeping their personal information, personal.

Easy targets for identity theft are prominent and public figures such as celebrities. Stars like James Reid, Mimiyuuuh, Cong TV, and Sassa Gurl are enjoying this @username feature by Maya, keeping their personal information behind their preferred usernames: @james, @mimiyuuuh, @congtv, and @itssassagurl.

More and more celebrities are taking advantage of this secured and clever way to transact too like pop singer-songwriter Ena Mori (@enamori), renowned Manila songbird Moira Dela Torre (@moira), rap and hip hop artists and Ex Battalion members Flow G (@flowg) and MC Einstein (@mceinstein), and music sensation Zach Tabudlo (@zacktabudlo).

It can’t be stressed enough to put utmost care and protection into your hard-earned money. You, too, can avoid spilling your personal information too with this @username feature. To have yours:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper-left corner 
  2. Tap “Get Started” 
  3. Key in your preferred username and hit “Confirm” 
  4. Key in the One Time Password (OTP)

With Maya’s user-friendly interface, sending money is like a walk in the park. Simply tap “Send Money” on the Maya app, spell out the @username of your recipient, input the amount, then tap “Continue”. Review the details, tap “Send” when done, and an SMS from Maya will be sent to you as proof of confirmation.

You can also request your Maya physical card:

1. Tap the cards tab & choose “Order Physical Card”
2. Tap “Add Your Username”
3. Add your delivery details & pay
4. Wait for your card to arrive

The fun, more interactive, and secure way to send money is now here with Maya on top of being a free, feature-packed digital bank. Choose and claim your preferred @username now before someone else does and enjoy the convenience of the digital era without compromising your safety and privacy. 

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