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6 Roles That Prove Harvey Bautista Is Booked and Busy AF

Can you catch up?

If you can’t keep up with Harvey Bautista’s roles and schedules, we got you. Here’s where you can watch the young actor take over the screen.

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You’re not hallucinating—that really is Harvey Bautista on all your screens. After the 20-year old made an impactful comeback with Zoomers (2024), the actor didn’t let up, booking roles left and right, some on a couple of the biggest series currently on Philippine media.

Making his way through the industry as an emerging (more like re-emerging) young actor, Harvey currently portrays several roles all at once, with more to come. If you want to keep up with the rise of Harvey Bautista, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the actor’s current work so you can have your fill of media to watch. Check out the list below.


Reprising the role that brought him to greater heights over the last year, Harvey returns as Jiggs on the second season of Gen Z drama Zoomers. In this season, the Zoomers kids spend their last summer before college together, and drama, romance, and hijinks ensue. This season, the romance between Jiggs and Hope (Criza Taa) continues, and he’s ready to take it to ~official~ levels. Zoomers can be streamed on YouTube.


A rising Gen Z actor joining one of the biggest Gen Z dramas of the year? Sounds about right. Said rising actor playing a complex, twisty-and-turny character whose motivations and allegiances are hidden? Sounds even better.

Harvey joined the cast of High Street, the sequel-slash-second season of youth-oriented thriller drama Senior High (2023-2024), as Wesley, Sky’s (Andrea Brillantes) coworker who helps her with her investigation into Gov. Acosta’s crimes. Wes, however, has a hidden agenda—and a secret identity to go with it. You can watch High Street on iWantTFC or on the Kapamilya Channel on weekdays 9:30 PM.


In one of the more surprising news about Harvey’s schedule, the actor joined as a guest on action-drama Pamilya Sagrado (2024-present), joining fellow young actors Kyle Echarri, Grae Fernandez, Jeremiah Lisbo, and more. He plays Percy, a recruit to the brotherhood who knows a dark secret.


If those series aren’t enough for you, just you wait, because Mikhail Red’s new esports film Friendly Fire is about to hit cinemas. Harvey Bautista plays gamer Ryan in a film about a girl, Hazel, getting the chance to represent an esports team and prove her talents and skills in high-pressure gaming competitions. Friendly Fire will be screened in cinemas starting October 23.


In an interview with NYLON Manila, and through some social media posts, we learned that Harvey is set to star in a slasher-horror film about teenagers who need their wits and each other to survive. No further news has been released, but trust, we’re seated.


Gen Z talents take the stage in this Wattpad novel-turned-streaming movie. Joined by Anji Salvacion, AC Bonifacio (whom he co-stars with on High Street), Brent Manalo, and more, Harvey Bautista is set to star in rom-com The Four Bad Boys and Me, based on a Wattpad book by user blue_maiden. His role is yet to be disclosed, and the movie has yet to start filming, so you still have time to get yourself acquainted with the story.

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