dbtk x h&m don't blame the kids

The Kids Are Alright: Filipino Streetwear Brand DBTK Goes Global With This Epic Collab

The doors they are opening, really.

From the streets of the Philippines to the rest of the world, the DBTK and H&M collaboration is one for the books.

These days, the attention span across generations is greatly compromised. In the conversation of commerce and consumption across multiple disciplines, there now exists a challenge to capture the all too important attention in a world inundated by the flashy and fleeting. A mindless scroll on social media or an aimless scan of life outside will reveal a saturation of information that is overwhelming to say the least. That said, while longevity is still a possibility, it has become a steep mountain to climb what with all the trends and choices to navigate on the daily. This may be the standing case that confronts many pundits and practitioners in different industries, but for the likes of Filipino streetwear brand DBTK, they are more than up for a good challenge.

Legacy may be a lofty word to put out there, but for Emil and Vince Javier, the minds behind DBTK (Don’t Blame The Kids), it is a goal they have been hard at work with since 2012. From a passionate pursuit and keen interest, the brothers have grown their dream and vision from cult-favorite to a cornerstone of the culture of streetwear in the Philippines. “From day 1 to the present time, we always make sure to treasure every moment of this journey; to be contented with what we receive, but at the same time try to surpass our limits,” they write on Instagram in celebration of their new digs. “We kept on appreciating every bit of learnings and accomplishments along the way, the people; friends and family who we consider as extension of ourselves, it really feels like everything just happened days ago since we opened the doors on our very first flagship store in 2014.”

Little did everyone know that they were keeping a secret on the other side of the door.


After a storied decade of serving quality goods, DBTK marks this momentous time stamp with a mind-blowing milestone. “A new door opens,” they tease on their Instagram page with nothing more than a visual of their sneaky kid logo in red splashed on a nondescript white entrance flanked by grass, blue skies, and flowers. “We think you might not be ready for this.”

It turns out, the brand has been working on its biggest collaboration to date. And that is saying something, especially since DBTK has introduced us to some ace partnerships such as Call of Duty mobile, Secret Fresh, Sanrio (Yes, Hello Kitty and friends), Sesame Street, and Pokémon to name a few. “Hey kids! We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with H&M for a capsule collection for people of all walks of life.”

As landmark as it is, this connection is made even more special with the fact that this marks the first time the Swedish retail juggernaut is working with a Filipino designer, ever. More than just a focus on Filipino-designed streetwear, the collaboration is fitting as it serves as a convergence of philosophies. For the brand, it has always been about putting the people first, one that definitively manifests the exceptional stories of the culture it represents through its uncompromising messaging and unique artistry. Meanwhile, H&M is pretty stoked to echo the sentiments of DBTK. “H&M believes this; that streetwear is meant for all. and DBTK, founded by brothers Emil and Vince Javier, is also anchored with the same philosophy. Together they came up with designs that resonate to any street style -while striking a sweet balance of celebrating individuality and bringing unique people together for their common interest in clothing.”


While the rest of the partnership is understandably under wraps (the kids know how to keep secrets, too), DBTK and H&M reveal what the capsule collection is about. Titled, “The World Is My Home,” the collaboration is set to debut in September with six fun and surrealistically designed urban pieces inspired by the abode. “Quite literally, it’s so that by wearing the collection, you can take a piece of home with you wherever you go,” the statement describes. “Because when you feel at home in your own skin, you’re ready to take on anything.”

Not many can lay claim to authoring a legacy in such a span of time, but with the persistence and commitment to the Filipino streetwear community and culture, Emil and Vince Javier can. Signing off on this historic DBTK and H&M is further proof that the limit does not exist for what this side of geography has to offer. People talk about doors being opened a lot, but this one is definitively that point of possibility for many. From our home to the rest of the world, the Filipino point-of-view is raring and ready for more.

And as for DBTK? Well, the kids are more than alright and at this point, they’re just getting started.