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These Filipino Jewelry Brands Are As Good As Wearable Art

The family jewels but with a twist.

Time to add a little oomph to your usual bling.

Filipino jewelry’s history can be traced way, way back to pre-colonial civilization. Most of the newer generations often forget that even then, we had our way of making bags, textiles, and the jewelry or palamuti out of raw materials. A story about this craftsmanship being revived was covered in the past in hopes of educating most artisans and ordinary Filipinos about the tradition. It also tells a lot about how fragments of our identity still remain unknown to this day. Remember that controversy surrounding an American designer who used the basahan technique? Well, when a memory is buried, the proper thing to do is find our way back into it. And so we did—with these new Filipino designers that are creating wearable art. Read more about their unique designs below.

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Mazee PH came through drippin’ this time with their Melt Earrings both available in gold and silver. Who’s got the Midas touch now?


Elementari PH by Kat Reyes is a jewelry brand that’s artfully made by hand. Aside from their signature Fractured Rings that come in otherworldly gemstones, they also have stunning necklaces and ear cuffs that aren’t too pricey but looks like a million bucks.


With a rich experience from travelling and love for jewelry, Joyce Makitalo’s designs are often inspired by the free-spirited era of rock n’ roll fused with whimsical elements. As a former graphic artist, the pieces are eye-popping and graphic.


Matthew and Melka is the jewelry line of Filipino designer Ken Samudio. The brand has made waves internationally on Vogue, collaborated with Swarovski, and was worn by Hollywood celebrities for their aesthetic that’s inspired by the tropics and marine life.

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