Elevate Your Looks By Taking Corporate Style Inspo From These 10 Fictional Office Sirens

Corporate casual for it-girls.

These fictional office sirens are the blueprint, actually.

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Have you come across the “office siren” trend on social media? The style concept is centered on alluring, professional ensembles with chic accessories and a vibe that demands attention.

But what is the office siren, actually? The fashion trend catches a lot of flack for being inappropriate, or yet another glorified capitalist concept that further thrusts young women into embodying capitalist, patriarchal ideals—or just for being non-work appropriate attire. But for the most part, it could be useful as style inspiration, especially for people new to the workplace or people who want to change up their style. If you want to look chic, professional, and put-together (at work or in life in general), it could serve as a guideline to express yourself.

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“Office siren” has got “girlboss” vibes (for better or for worse), if you really think about it, but if the office siren aesthetic captures the vibe and aesthetic you want to give off in the office, take some inspiration from these style icons from movies and shows. These characters are far from simply being eye candy, embodying powerful, go-getter attitudes that for a long time was unseemly to be owned by women.

Characterized by neutral palettes, chic silhouettes, and elevated accessories, the office siren trend can, like any fashion trend, go into different directions. Videos and recreations of the trend can often venture too far into revealing ensembles that would get someone sent to HR if worn in an actual office, but at its core, the office siren aesthetic brings together slightly nerdy corporate chic and alluring, girlboss-level glam into a vibe that plenty of people would like to emulate.

Embodying this style could mean someone wants to embody a confident, enchanting office woman who knows how to get things done, and this list has no shortage of powerful women owning who they are in style. Check them out below!


Camila Mendes portrays the ambitious Ana in 2024 romance-comedy Upgraded, where her style ranges from young, artistic intern to captivating girlboss. Though Ana pretends to be someone she’s not (her boss, the impeccably-dressed Claire, played by Marisa Tomei), owning her persona translates to owning each outfit she serves in, no matter how basic the pieces, from preppy-chic sweater vests to slinky black dresses.


Though not a film set in the world of corporate fashion, but rather art, Upgraded had no shortage of well-dressed baddies. Claire’s assistants Suzette (Rachel Matthews) and Renee (Fola Evans-Akingbola) would never be caught lacking, serving modern, often matching, chic at any given moment with tailored pantsuits and glamorous accessories.


Rom-com classic How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days introduced us to who is now a staple of rom-com leading ladies, Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson), who is far too down-to-earth to be the archetypal “office siren,” but ironically did exactly what a siren does by luring Ben (Matthew McConaughey) into a dating master plan. Besides the iconic yellow dress, her early 2000s officewear are classic benchmarks of corporate style.


Speaking of archetypal office sirens, Serena (Gisele Bündchen) is the Pinterest thumbnail for the office siren trend. With her chic, Miranda Priestly-approved ensembles and “Bayonetta” glasses (which have come to mean any 2000s-inspired slim-frame glasses), Serena embodies the allure that the trend promises.


Andy’s (Anne Hathaway) style makeover in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) is culture-defining. And in fact, The Devil Wears Prada (2006) is perhaps the definitive piece of media that embodies the office siren aesthetic. Once she gained access to a trove of fashion history, garments, and guidance and started owning her inner fashionista, layering woven jackets and chunky accessories, Andy transformed into the office siren she was always meant to be.


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They may often be at each other’s throats, but you can’t say that Bettina, Irene, and Caroline Tiu (Kaila Estrada, Maris Racal, Belle Mariano, respectively) don’t each have elegant style. Each episode of romance drama Can’t Buy Me Love (2023-2024) sees each Tiu sister dressed to the nines in posh, modern outfits that are perfect day-to-night ensembles. From casual summer pantsuits to luxurious dresses, these characters demand attention wherever they went.


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You think we’re joking around here? Ms. Brown, or more commonly known as the brown M&M, with her monochromatic look and slim-frame rectangular glasses, as well as her limitless confidence, makes her an OG office siren. Everybody take notes.


Lucy Liu’s Alex in Charlie’s Angels (2000) in disguise is deservingly drool-worthy. No one could take their eyes off of her clad in a leather ensemble, red lip, and wire-frame glasses as she taught a whole bunch of technicians some very important lessons. We can only dream of commanding such attention.


Sophisticated, confident, and self-assured, wealthy heiress Haein (Kim Jiwon) has unbeatable style. The Queen of Tears protagonist can rock a blazer draped over her shoulders like no other. Her collection of blouses, jackets, and earrings are to die for, and her style is perfect inspo if you appreciate a ritzy, powerful aesthetic without showing a lot of skin.

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