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Your Dad Will Totally Appreciate These 10 Father’s Day Date Ideas And Activities

It's dad's day!

Run out of fun ideas to do with your dad this Father’s Day? Look no further, because we’ve got a list for you.

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If your dad wants to spend Father’s Day relaxing at home with some peace and quiet, let him. But if you know your dad well enough, then there’s for sure a fun activity that he would enjoy doing with the family—and hopefully you can find it in here. Whether your dad’s the outdoorsy type, the competitive type, or the chill type, try planning an activity that can be enjoyable for him as well as the whole family.

This June 16, celebrate everything your dad (or any father figure in your life) does for you with something fun, something new, or something relaxing. Have some fun bonding moments in different environments, and add a few new memories to the bank this Father’s Day. Bonus tip: maybe don’t make him drive on his day!


Golf and dads…a match made in heaven, apparently. If you or your dad aren’t into golfing outdoors, take a trip to places like Pat’s Putts, with fun activities like indoor mini-golf or bumper cars! Bring out your dad’s inner child as you play a few rounds with him, and spend the day having some competitive fun.



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Some dads are artists. Instead of getting your dad a typical #1 DAD mug, how about spending an afternoon with him painting your own mugs or ceramics at a pottery studio or ceramics workshop?

Neither of you even have to be artistic—you just have to be open to expressing yourselves through color and getting creative as you put your own stamp on mugs that you can use every day. Plus, you’ll have a cute memory associated with the mugs you made.


father's day activities father's day ideas

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If you’re more into paintings than mugs (and having a little treat while you’re doing it), head on over to a sip & paint studio like Sip & Gogh to really let your inner artists shine. You can recreate paintings or even go down your own paths and paint by yourselves. Who knows, your dad might have been hiding his painting talents this whole time.


Gear up and get ready for an adventure up in the mountains! If your dad’s the outdoorsy, active type, spend the Sunday trekking up some mountain trails and getting glimpses of some stunning views. It may be tiring, but it may also be a wonderful, exhilarating experience. Join hiking groups like Adventure Philippines or Sunday Hike Club if you need some guidance or support.


Keep it simple but still sweet by packing a picnic lunch and heading to a park with your dad! You could turn it up a notch and make it a fancy picnic with a charcuterie board, gourmet food, and some dessert to really make it special. Soak up the sun and have some classic family bonding moments outdoors. You could even make a whole party out of it and invite more family or even yours or your dad’s friends.


Even just putting in a little bit of effort goes a long way. You don’t have to go all-out or go out at all on Father’s Day. Sometimes, just taking your time to make a fancy dinner (or generally just a great meal) for your dad is enough to show him you love him. So look up some recipes and get cooking! You can even pull out the grill and show off your barbecue skills right in front of him.


In line with staying indoors, pull out some of those board games that we guarantee you haven’t played in a while and make Father’s Day a simple but engaging family affair. Find out who’s the smartest at Scrabble, the best at Monopoly, or the most cunning at Werewolf! Raise the stakes or play a new board game—win or lose, it’s a great way to spend some quality time together.


Is your dad a plantito? Does he like to keep a garden or lawn immaculate and well-fed? Swallow your aversion to soil and dirt and help him out once in a while. Or, if he isn’t a plantito yet, start him off on his journey to becoming one by getting an easy-to-care-for plant that you both can learn to take care of. You might just start him down the plantito road!


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Dads deserve some R&R and pampering, too! Even if he grumbles about it, trust, he’ll thank you at the end of it once he warms up to the relaxing environment a spa offers. From the massages to the facials, the spa could be a welcome break from work or any stress.


What’s a better pastime than bowling? There’s a reason bowling alleys have never lost their popularity over the decades, and are even trendy these days! Bowling is a classic way to spend time with others, and taking your dad to knock down a few pins is fun without being too tiring.

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