These TikTok Challenge Winners Proved How They Become Epic After Dark With the Samsung Galaxy S22+

The night is still young, and so are we.

Just like the moon and the stars, we are able to show our brightest, truest, and rawest selves after dark

While there are some who consider themselves early birds who catch the worm, there are night owls who admittedly get more things done or simply have an even better time at night. Nikole Gapit, Gino Lopez, Tricia Abadilla, and Denise Sagun, the winners of Samsung’s latest contest, all admitted they come alive after dark, and they proved it by showcasing their epic transformations from day to night on their TikTok accounts. Along with winning their own Samsung Galaxy S22+ phones, they were also given the privilege of displaying their transformation in a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot with NYLON Manila.

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The girl with the butterfly tattoo

“Nikole is a coffee-enthusiast, mall-hopping tita by day, and a Netflix-fiend by night,” is what our first talent shared about herself. But apart from having slowed down Netflix movie nights in her bedroom, she also enjoys the occasional night-outs with her favorite people. She disclosed that she even becomes Ms. Congeniality after just a few drinks of Amaretto Sour, which she definitely deserves after a long day of work. “Nikole [at night] is much more fun and loose compared to Nikole [in the day].” And with how much energy and spunk she showed us during her shoot, even we have to second that motion. Hear, hear!

An extroverted introvert

This food entrepreneur and voice actor isn’t just our regular boy-next-door. He’s also a very enthusiastic wedding host who becomes more energetic at night. Gino shared, “During the day, believe it or not, I am a super introvert. But after dark, my work entails me to be an extroverted person.” When the clock strikes 5:00 p.m., he transforms into an ecstatic and overjoyed emcee for the happy couple whose wedding he’s hosting that night. But even without a wedding to celebrate on the day of his shoot, he still showed us how he becomes alive after hours by being as active as can be.

From focused to full of life

Just like us, Tricia ticks off boxes from her to-do list throughout the day. She’s hyper-focused on getting all of her work done as an account manager so she can have all night for pure leisure. She becomes everyone’s cheerful friend once she’s off the clock, and she even said, “There’s really something about nighttime [that] hits different for me. [I] feel more alive in a way because [I] feel empowered by the lights, the busy streets, and the people’s energy.” And throughout her shoot, she clearly showed her enthusiasm as she went all out with every click of the camera.

Singing her tune

While her days consist of preparing lessons for her Business English students she’ll be teaching in the afternoon, Denise’s nights are filled with creativity, music, and some dance breaks in between. “I am my true self at night because it is [then] when I feel most creative and fearless.” This teacher-slash-singer-songwriter makes sure that while she may be busy helping her students conduct themselves professionally in the business world, she leaves the entire night creating something for herself. Her creativity even came alive during her shoot as she completely transformed into a whole new Denise that was even more epic than normal.

Make nights epic with Nightography

In just a short amount of time, these four lucky individuals were able to show us what it truly means for each one of them to become epic after dark. Now with their new Samsung Galaxy S22+, they can even bring out more of their epicness using #Nightography—the revolutionary camera experience that breaks the rules of light,  and makes nights simply epic. This cool feature can give Nikole, Gino, Tricia, and Denise the chance to create anything, anywhere, and turn lowlight into highlights. They are no longer restricted by the time of day as they can finally capture their memorable nighttime adventures. Now that is truly making every day more epic.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is now available nationwide for as low as PHP 56,990 (128GB), and it comes in sophisticated Phantom White and Phantom Black, and fun-looking Pink Gold and Green.

Curious to find out how you can transform into the night and become #EpicAfterDark with the Samsung Galaxy S22+? Visit Samsung’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Creative, Fashion, and Beauty Direction PEACHES GARCIA
Photography KIERAN PUNAY of STUDIO100
Photo Manipulation CORINNE GARCIA
Video Editing GARI SY
Shoot Coordination MJ ALMERO and KZ FRANCISCO