Yup, An ENHYPEN x Bella Poarch Collab Is Happening And Coming Real Soon

This new era is full of surprises.

Well, that was unexpected.

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The wheels of the ENHYPEN engine have been running extra hard these days as the seven-member boy group is preparing for the release of their fifth mini-album, Orang Blood, on November 17. Orange Blood is slated to be a continuation of a blood-themed story that started with the group’s EP Dark Blood. And if the reactions to their last release are anything to go by, their new chapter is going to be a moment. 

As such, the promo for the highly-anticipated release has been promoing. From the group doing a special track for the Baby Shark movie to Heeseung flexing his Tagalog for Filo ENGENEs, the boys giving us even more fan edit content with their POVs on TikTok, and much more, a new and exciting era of ENHYPEN is upon us. But there’s yet another reason that has had people talking about ENHYPEN’s latest comeback, and it’s their collaboration with Bella Poarch.


Recently, ENHYPEN teased on social media that they were teaming up with an artist on their new album, as signs pointed to that artist being Bella Poarch. On November 6, the rumors were confirmed as ENHYPEN dropped the tracklist for Orange Blood and revealed that Bella would be participating in a version of their title track Sweet Venom. Aside from the regular version and English version of the track, ENHYPEN added a Bella Poarch collab of the song for good measure, which will only be available on the digital version of the EP. 



This isn’t the first time the Filipina personality has rubbed shoulders with K-pop idols before. The social media star and musician is a vocal K-pop fan, having attended concerts of a few acts in the past, most notably that of BTS. She did a TikTok collab with aespa before, and we were infamously robbed of a remix of Build a B!tch with BLACKPINK’s Rose after the scrapped track was leaked last year. Now, it seems that we’ll finally be getting that K-pop collab across the finish line. Who knows, we might just see a performance of the collab when ENHYPEN comes to the Philippines next February. 

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