ebe dancel concert

Let Ebe Dancel Charm You With His Soothing Vocals In His Return To The Stage In Two Years

An icon returns to a historic stage.

Ebe Dancel has always known how to make an acoustic hit that hits at the right spot and his recent performance at the PICC is proof of that.

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With the pandemic continuing, live stages with audiences, at least in the Philippines, are on pause for the time being. But while we all long for that return when we can vibe in-person with our favorite artists, that hasn’t stopped them from staging their own online concerts. And while we can’t be there in person yet, the feeling of seeing our faves perform on stage hits different especially when you get that emotional connection, even through a screen.

That is something that OPM icon and songwriter Ebe Dancel knows how to do very well. He has been entertaining and mesmerizing listeners for decades with his tender, soulful, and guitar-driven songs. So, when he took to the stage for the first time in two years to perform a set at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), it was a special occasion.


As part of its celebration to commemorate 45 years in operation, the PICC invited Ebe Dancel to perform at the prestigious and historic Plenary Hall where he performed four songs in his set. He started things off with his classic Burnout. That was followed by two recent songs, Tanging Kailangan and Manatili. Ebe explained that the former was written as what he would imagine his wedding vows in song form would look like while the latter came from his experiencing a panic attack in the first month of ECQ. He then closed things with a fan favorite, Bawat Daan.

With the grand hall to himself, just him and his guitar, Ebe brought out all the emotions and feels as he sang a mix of old and new songs, celebrating the historic feat of the stage he’s on. At just four songs long, it was a short but sweet set. Aside from the treat that it was to see Ede Dancel take to the stage once more, the fact that he got to perform again on a stage that has seen top local and foreign and world leaders is an honor in itself.  

During his performance, he shared how the venue is important in order to create that special musical experience and his personal stories about his performances at the iconic venue, and why it feels like a homecoming to be inside PICC after a long time.“I’ve always loved performing at PICC because I get a nostalgic feeling whenever I’m here. It’s a place that seems to just get better with time. I’m happy that I’m able to perform here again, so thank you to PICC for welcoming me back,” says Ebe.

As the country slowly opens up and more people get their vaccines, hopefully, more artists will be able to perform in stages like at the PICC once again. And we will soon be able to attend live concerts once again and experience those feelings and emotions live.

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