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These Cool Kids Are Wearing Pumped Up Crocs, And This Is Where You Can Cop A Pair

The only requirement: Come as you are.

What do Bretman Rock, Justin Bieber, and Maris Racal have in common? They’ve stepped up and stepped out in Crocs. Now you too can join their cool club.

As creatures of comfort, especially in the past few years, nothing has been more prominent alongside the cozy uniform of athleisure than a pair of Crocs. From Justin Bieber, Bretman Rock, and even Maris Racal, what was once relegated as an ugly shoe has been given the stamp of approval by these cool kids, as well as of an entire generation reared on an IDGAF mindset and now, everyone’s wearing a pair. No longer just left at home or worn ironically, the colorful classic clogs have been back with a vengeance, stepping out and showing up everywhere possible, and in interesting shapes and sizes, no less.

Justin Bieber has been teasing the new Crocs collaboration on Instagram.

While it still is a polarizing pair, the charm of Crocs has cut across generations, as it functions mostly for ease, but with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge. There is no pretense here, because guided by their credo, Come As You Are, their intention is to walk with you as an integral part of your look and purpose. It just so happens that you stand out in your Crocs, which is usually blinged and bedecked with the adorable statements that punctuate the whole vibe, the Jibbitz. When they said you could figure out someone’s personality through the shoes they wear, Crocs really said: Okay, gotchu.

Today, the brand has been so covetable that it has chalked collaborations with Sankuanz, Smiley, Bretman Rock, Disney’s Cruella, and yes, even Balenciaga. So, sure, not everyone will get and understand it, but it cannot be denied—they not only feel good on the feet, they look so damn cute, too.

Come As You Are

With no signs of slowing down, there is more space for Crocin’ and rockin’ as Crocs opens up a new expanse to discover and play around with the newest Crocs concept store in the Philippines. Reflective of the brand, as well as of the energy the generation it now represents, the synergized space features redefined interiors, increased accessibility, and rows of products, which make for a re-energized experience.

Making a splash in the shopping scene, AC Bonifacio, Thea Tolentino, Andrea Beldua, Mitch Unnie, Lesha, Alexa Litonjua, Ciacia Mendoza, Zephanie, Mia Ayesa, Jaja Ramirez, Onie De Guzman, Aaron Gonzalez. Pamela Kaye, Patrick Quiroz, Angela Balagtas, Yuki Takahashi, Bang Pineda, Marc David, Dale Patrick Chua, and Eli Padilla were spotted at the fresh concept in Ayala Trinoma Mall. Finding the pairs of Crocs that they loved, these cool collective of creatives and artists got up close and personal, with the Bleached Dye Collection, Classic Crocs Fur Sure Sandal, Classic Crocs Glitter Sandal, Classic Clogs and Sandals, as well as their classic, summer, and literide sandals and slides, making it their own with their cherry picks of Jibbitz from the Charm Wall, which figures prominently in the store.

With the holiday season in full swing, it is the perfect time to make a trip to the Crocs Concept Store and discover the brand for yourself. And while you’re at it, you might as well check out what fits your persona best and pick up a present or two. The only requirement is to come as you are, all that and you’re good.

For more information on Crocs, you can check their official website.