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These 8 Celebs Make Us Want To Pack A Bag And Travel Solo

No more thinking—just book it!

From Julia Barretto to Liza Soberano, these celebs showed us the beauty and joys of traveling solo.

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Traveling solo has a lot of perks, and perhaps several disadvantages (hint: 💸). It might also not be for everyone. But on your own, you can explore at your own pace, set your own itinerary, connect with some new people, and challenge your own independence.

Travel on its own is such a fun, beautiful experience, and whether you’re joined by family, friends, or loved ones, or not, you can learn a lot about places, people, and even yourself on a trip. After the brunt of the pandemic, more people are traveling—and more Filipinos are even traveling solo! It takes confidence, patience, preparedness, and an openness to trying new things to travel alone. Whether you’re taking a day trip outside the Metro or jetting off to some European countryside, traveling independently is a unique, empowering experience.

Take these celebrities, for instance. From Andrea Brillantes to Heaven Peralejo, Julia Barretto to Liza Soberano, these celebs stepped out of their comfort zone and embarked on journeys all on their own—and whichever travel bug bit them got us too. BRB, booking flight tickets as we speak.


Senior High (2023-2024) and High Street (2024-present) star Andrea Brillantes spent her 2023 summer in Spain, traveling alone to cities like Madrid, Toledo, Seville, and Granada. “For those who want to solo travel or go on a soul-searching journey, but feel intimidated,” she says in her vlog. “Guys, kaya niyo yan! If kaya ko, kaya niyo din. It’s really worth it. Don’t be afraid to be alone.”


Liza Soberano’s probably been around the world twice over just in the last couple of years as a booked and busy girl. The actress is no stranger to traveling solo for work or for leisure, whether it’s the States or South Korea, and is the spitting image of a successful young woman living her best life.


Maybe the secret ingredient to happiness is dressing up in the coolest casual outfits and jetting off to Venice, à la Julia Barretto. The actress went to Italy solo last year for a few events, like the La Biennale di Venezia arts festival, and clearly had a great time.


If these photos are any indication, actress Gabbi Garcia enjoyed trekking all over some historical, modern, and classically touristy sites in Japan. Photos taken by strangers (her extrovert jumped out) captured Gabbi’s excitement, making us ask ourselves why our own bags aren’t packed yet.


Strong, independent woman! The nature-loving Kathryn Bernardo climbed up some giant rocks and shared snaps of a stunning waterfall during her trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2023.


Twenty three-year old Kaori Oinuma also headed off to Bali for her first-ever solo trip. The actress posted snaps of a well-rounded solo travel experience: snacking, shopping, and sightseeing! Kaori also snorkeled and freedived in the Gili Islands of Indonesia, a hobby she’s fond of and practiced both here and, now, abroad.


Actress, singer, and honorary South Korea tourism ambassador Kyline Alcantara was ever-so-stylish on one of her several trips to Seoul. From sightseeing to foodtrips, she’s done plenty of touristy yet enjoyable things in the country, and with her renewed ambassadorship, she’s got more South Korean springs to delight in.


She’s truly living her best life, finding independence, self-assurance, and peace with being by herself. Actress Heaven Peralejo takes adventure and soul-searching on another level as she tried out paragliding on her first solo trip to Bali last year—a trip that had such great impact on her journey of self-discovery, that she had to commemorate it with three tattoos.

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