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What Is Queer Joy? Empower And Celebrate Through Another Aspect Of Queer Existence

We love to see it.

What does it mean to celebrate and champion queer joy?

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What’s your favorite queer film? What’s it about? What do you like about it? Does it involve aspects of discrimination, violence, shame, or the struggle of coming out?

Plenty of queer media tackle serious issues involving the community—and for good reason. Highlighting the struggles of being queer, from social rejection to violence, brings these real-life problems to the surface, prompting people to critically analyze the kind of world we live in.

But only tackling those issues often makes it seem like that’s the only marker of queer existence—that being queer is equivalent to only living in shame, misery, and struggle. And while we can’t deny that, given the still-rampant injustices against the LGBTQIA+ community, there still remains plenty of space to celebrate the joys of being queer.

Essentially, queer joy is the antithesis of promoting the idea that queer experience is only rooted in pain and trauma. It acknowledges the importance of joy and fulfillment in queer people’s lives, and celebrating it means pushing for all queer people to experience this joy in real life and in media, loudly and proudly, even in the face of adversity. It exists in the quiet moments of peace, safety, and comfort, as well as in the moments of loud expression and community that instill a sense of joy and hope in members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Queer joy is exactly what it reads like—the joy that queer people experience. Whether it be through being in love, being surrounded by a community, being free and safe enough to express themselves, queer joy promotes the flourishing of queer individuals and communities in all walks of life.

It manifests both in real life and in media, and celebrating queer joy means advocating for, according to Oxfam International, breaking free of gender roles and norms, seeing LGBTQIA+ people in leadership roles, self-expression without fear of harm, and a diverse and powerful community. It is normalizing and validating the existence of non-cisgender and non-heterosexual people, being unapologetic in one’s queerness, and, in media, not making queerness a hurdle in one’s story.

Acts of protest in their very core, Pride celebrations—the connections and the community formed, in particular—are examples of where you can find instances of queer joy in real life. The freedom and respite they provide to queer people in a world that constantly tries to shame and denigrate them are invaluable.

Celebrating happy queer stories, demanding for more them, and writing our own—whether in our own lives, or through mediums like art—are powerful messages themselves. It’s a signal to others that queer existence is also tied to joy, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity. Queer joy inspires hope in people to keep going in the fight for equality and liberation.


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Queer joy can be achieved by resisting oppressive norms and working to dismantle systems that limit the existence of queer individuals. In effect, queer joy in and of itself is an act of defiance, a big “screw you” to everything and everyone that tells members of the LGBTQIA+ community that they are not valid or accepted. All members of the community, no matter their sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression, deserve to experience queer joy. They deserve to love and live freely.

Making space in our lives and in society for queer joy means being one in the fight for equality and liberation, in advocating for the rights of the community, in pushing for awareness, solutions, and even legislation that’ll move us forward as a diverse, inclusive, accepting society.

Queer joy is more than just looking on the bright and good side of things, more than looking at queerness through rose-colored glasses. Mere existence is resistance, and the community being able to live their best lives—happy, flourishing, safe, and comforted—is a beacon of hope. Queer joy shows that even despite all the injustice, oppression, and struggle that the LGBTQIA+ community faces, they can, should, and will live full, fulfilling, joyful lives. We love to see it.

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