How A Watch Is Helping Me Get Through The Stranger Things Drought

Blast from the past.

As I wait for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, I get my dose of 1980s American nostalgia with the help of the Casio A120WEST.

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Over a year ago, the fourth season of Stranger Things landed on Netflix and proceeded to capture the world’s attention with its two-part release. To say that the summer of 2022 was a moment for Stranger Things is an understatement, at least for me it was with the way I binged-watch the season over a weekend. And given how it ended, all eyes are on how the fifth and final season of the show will end things.

When that will come though is anyone’s guess as the dual writers’ and actors’ strike has pushed back many productions, including Stranger Things season 5. And while I fully support creatives striking to fight for what they deserve; I can’t help but think how I’m going to get my Stranger Things fix aside from rewatching the older seasons given the new season is years away. But recently, I found something else to help make the new season wait a little bearable, and that is through a watch, yes, really.


Casio x Stranger Things A120WEST watch

While Stranger Things is no stranger to collaborations with apparel and accessory brands, their team-up with Casio may be one of their coolest yet. Taking inspiration from the popular Netflix series, Casio X Stranger Things turns the nostalgia to 11 with their A120WEST model. Based on the A120, a watch inspired by digital watches Casio released in the 1980s, this reimagining pays homage to the era where the show is set with a design reminiscent of the decade as well as Easter eggs to the series, most prominently the graphics on the resin case and translucent band having eerie tentacles stretching out from the underworld, a welcome tribute to the Upside Down.


It looks like it was taken straight from the wrist of one of the Hawkins’ kids hanging out at the Starcourt Mall during the summer. Even the special packaging it comes in stays on-theme as it is illustrated with images of the show’s cast of our fave teens. Features-wise, it has all the functions you need in a competent watch, from a stopwatch (1/10 second, measurement capacity: 59’59″9), daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and LED light. It also has an estimated battery life of three years on CR1616.



Now, this nostalgic timepiece isn’t something I would wear at a formal event or flex to my friends who are aficionados for the more elegant pieces. But what the watch lacks in upscale looks, it makes up for it in its personality. After spending time with the A120WEST, I appreciated the attention to detail and how it wasn’t just some watch slapped with the Stranger Things logo on it.


With a pop of color and personality, it looks and acts the part. The colorful front buttons scream 80s, with the nice added detail of a tiny Demogorgon appearing at the center. And for a fun surprise, pressing the LED light button reveals the name of the show printed upside down. At around 25 grams, it’s a light wear for more casual experiences. It’s a fun timepiece I’ve been enjoying having as my companion on my days out of the house, whether it be for work or hanging out with friends. And it does scratch my Stranger Things itch and a design that captures the show and its sense of nostalgia.

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