That’s What I Like: 6 Times Bruno Mars Brought The Magic To His Two-Day Manila Concert

That's the 24k magic right there.

Not even the traffic could stop us from enjoying Bruno Mars in his long-awaited return to the Philippines.

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Considering that it was five years ago when Bruno Mars was last in the Philippines for a concert, his return to the country for his two-night show at the Philippine Arena was not to be missed. And given how the show was a bit of a homecoming because of his Filipino roots made it even better. Sure, life tried it over the weekend with heavy traffic and the rain, but once inside the Philippine Arena, all those worries skated out the door.

When that curtain dropped, and Bruno started performing, it was over as the superstar brought the energy and a stage presence only a few people in this world can replicate. It was hit after hit as Bruno got in those notes, kaldag moves, and a little bit of Filipino, too. If the PCD or FOMO is still hitting, check out these moments to soothe those feelings.


Filipino fans will always pass the vibe check, especially for an artist like Bruno Mars. When a musician gives 150% of his energy, the crowd will give that right back and then some. 


With a songbook’s worth of slow jams and upbeat classics that stand the test of time, you can expect Filipino fans to sing their heart out to his hits. And that much was true as Bruno and the crowd exercised those vocal cords.  


Honestly, a Bruno Mars concert is just a disguise for the hottest party in town with the kind of show he puts on. While he may have ended the set with Locked Out Of Heaven, we felt like we were in heaven in those couple of hours.


@musichanges “Stop it! I’m shy! Nahihiya ako!” Bruno Mars in Philippines 2023 #brunomars #brunomarsmanila2023 #brunomarsmanila #fyp ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – NewJeans

FYI, the context for this moment is that when he sang the “Tell me that you’re coming through” line from Leave The Door Open, he asked the women in the crowd to say, “I’m coming Bruno.” Well, they did, and this was his reaction. So yeah, he had it coming (pun intended). 


@walfcwuzz #fyp #brunomars #imy ♬ original sound – chichi

Bogoshipo who? We only know miss na kita mahal Bruno.


@kyrebaca someone proposed when bruno started singing marry you 😭 #brunomars #brunomarsphilippines #brunomarsconcert2023 #brunomarsmusic #brunomarsphilippinearena ♬ original sound – kyrebaca on ig

Let us get this straight, while Bruno was singing Marry You in front of tens of thousands of people, a few people decided to propose to their girlfriends in the middle of the crowd? We know that the engagement video is going to be lit. It was a beautiful night and they found something dumb to do.

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