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Not One But Five Bretman Rocks Want You To Find Yourselves In The Sims

Sul sul Bretman Rock.

Inspired by the iconic life simulation video game series, The Sims, Bretman Rock wants you to explore and express yourself as freely as you can, whoever and whatever that may be.

The wise Cady Heron once said, “the limit does not exist.” Now, while this has played itself to pop culture permanence, thanks in part to the iconic portrayal of Lindsay Lohan and the delicious writing of Tina Fey, it has left many skeptics raising their brows. Sure, in the function of Mathematics, we scoffed, watching the rest of Mean Girls play out until some sense of strange status quo emerged in their cinematic universe. While it was an offshoot of an overdramatized high school life, the lesson isn’t lost on us, subverting the audience to push beyond the boundaries when and where necessary in the plane of human possibilities. Sure, it might seem like a lofty ideal, but more and more, people have been breaking barriers, making what was once an imagination into reality. Just ask Bretman Rock who split himself into five. Well in The Sims, at least.

In The Sims, I’m able to try on many different versions of myself in a world without boundaries and judgment,” says Bretman Rock. “And I want everyone else to feel how freeing and exhilarating that is. Be who you want, date who you want, dress how you want.” The singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the motherf*cking side, the star of the crystal of the day, and a coconut water connoisseur is of course talking about the iconic life simulation video game that has captivated and captured the interest of many across generations, which he is collaborating with for its latest campaign, Find Yourselves.

Find Yourselves

“Honestly, if there’s one thing that The Sims has taught me, it was how to find myself at such an early age. I was probably in sixth grade when I first downloaded The Sims. I made five different emails to get the free trial—you know, us broke kids—so, The Sims has always been kind of an extension of me. People always joke around when they watch my stories, saying that I live a Sims-like lifestyle,” says the Filipino reppin’ social media superstar in an interview with Hypebae of the game that has been a platform to empower and encourage extensions of expressions. “This whole entire campaign is a cute reminder that you really can be whatever you want to be, period. If you can be anybody in The Sims, you can be anybody in real life too. I think that’s the best lesson that The Sims has given me.”

Yes, this is a full circle moment for Bretman Rock, who not only has a deep-rooted affinity for The Sims, but is also living, breathing proof of discovery, freedom, and building a world they want to live as authentically as possible. From the characters created, the gibberish language spoken, and the stories told, this is more than just a video game. For many, this was their coming of age. 

“I joked around about being a female all the time on [The] Sims. If I was ever a guy on Sims, I’d make the guy dress up with fairy wings and dresses. It’s kind of just like your own utopia,” says Bretman Rock thoughtfully to Pride. “You are whatever you want to be. You can be a goth girl, you can be a spaceman, you can be literally your wildest imagination.”

The Limit Does Not Exist

In the game, there are little to no rules, which is why it has not only smashed stereotypes stubbornly insisted by society, but also expanded the very comprehension of the human condition and potential. Sure, we cannot quite have five physical selves at the same time unlike Bretman Rock in The Sims 4 Find Yourselves campaign, but here, players get to discover and define different sides to themselves, which is likely to inform who they are IRL, too. If versions of himself as a Teenage Goth, Sassy Dad, Motherly Chef, Excited Astronaut, and Urban Cowboy can live together as one big, odd, but ultimately happy sitcom family then anyone can do so as they please.

“If you can be anybody in The Sims, you can be anybody in real life too. I think that’s the best lesson that The Sims has given me,” concludes Bretman Rock who is not only on the cover of magazines, but now fronting The Sims 4, really.

While the real world is working towards the progress and diversity that The Sims has been pushing for, Bretman Rock is here to make it clear that now is the time to find yourselves. Yes, plural, because aren’t we all just like those bright green prisms atop the heads of simulated selves, multi-faceted at every turn? It will be chaotic, of course, perhaps even burning a house and then some, but it is in this augmented reality extreme that one is able to reach deep within, connect beyond the expectations, and carve out the unexplored.

See, Cady Heron was right, and this time, by virtue of an apparent expansion pack, Bretman Rock agrees: the limit does not exist. Now, veena fredishay. (Let’s play.)

The Sims and Bretman Rock want you to find yourselves on TikTok. With the hashtag challenge, #SimSelves, a customizable filter is available that allows players to try on different Sims-inspired characters such as Pastel Goth and Mermaid Core.  You can also share them on Twitter and Instagram. Or if you want to connect with da baddest himself, you can hear cheeky messages from the social media darling by calling (877)-FND-YOU5.