Bretman Rock In The Live-Action Moana Movie? Yes Please!


@therock, we need Bretman Rock to voice Hei Hei in the live-action Moana movie stat.

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Over the years, Disney has been giving moviegoers live-action versions of their animated movies, both the classics and more modern releases. And that trend isn’t stopping anytime soon as more live-action films are in the pipeline, one of those being a live-action Moana movie. It was announced in April this year that Moana, which was released in 2016 and featured Disney’s first Polynesian princess, was going to get the live-action remake treatment. 

The project was announced by the animated film’s star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who voiced the demigod Maui in the film, via a video filmed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. While Dwyane is set to reprise his role as Maui, the rest of the cast has yet to be filled, most notably lead star Moana since her voice actress, Auli’i Cravalho, revealed that she wasn’t going to reprise her role in the live-action version. And with a tentative release date of 2025, the film is still a ways off. But that hasn’t stopped Bretman Rock from putting his hat in the ring. So, what role does he want to play? The chicken Hei Hei.



Im sorry but that role is mine.. and i was born for that role, All of my voice acting work has led me to this point

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Earlier this year, after achieving major life goals such as being on the cover of Vogue Philippines, Bretman took to his Instagram stories to let out and manifest in the world his next goal, voicing the chicken Hei Hei in the live-action remake of Moana. After saying that every person in the movie should be of Polynesian descent, he opened up the loophole that Hei Hei is an animal, and therefore he’s eligible to audition for the role. 

With that cluck he let out, we see the vision. After all, Bretman has multiple chickens in his home. So, what better for the chicken to be voiced by someone who is an expert in taking care of chickens? And let’s not forget the time he dressed up as Moana for Halloween. It’s practically destiny at this point. We just know the moment Bretman steps into that recording booth, Disney is going to run him his check. 


If a voice audition wasn’t enough, Bretman made sure to cover his bases by posting his live audition on his Instagram, where he made sure to tag Dwayne Johnson as part of his campaign to get his attention. In the video, Bretman is seen wearing a chicken onesie and putting a coconut shell on his head as he recreated a scene from the movie by letting out a crisp chicken scream. “So yeah, let me know and I really feel like it’s time for Māhū representation and I feel like Moana was lacking that. I really feel like a gay chicken makes so much sense, so the decision is up to you,” he later said. 

TBH, if we were the producers, we’d cast him on the spot. Even Moana’s voice actress responded in the comments. Can you imagine the constant stream of serves Bretman is going to deliver for the press tour? Hollywood may not be ready for all that Asian excellence. While waiting for The Rock/Disney to respond, you can help Bretman even more by signing a petition for him to voice Hei Hei, which already has over 6.5k signees as of this writing. We’re ready for Bretman’s movie star era. 

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