Can Gaming Phones Also Benefit Non-Gamers? Blacklist International, Liyab, Gloco Gaming, and Ashley Share How


Armed with an OPPO smartphone in hand, these pro players, content creators, and overall workaholics prove that they can earn wins in life even past the victory screen

Have you ever wondered why big gaming companies have taken the smartphone gaming space so seriously? As far back as 2015, Nintendo (a household name at this point) invested in mobile gaming, seeing the results in both casual and competitive titles such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour, respectively. Soon after, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre went mobile with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skyrocketing in popularity since 2016 both locally and in Southeast Asia. Seeing its potential, MOBA giant League of Legends then announced in 2019 that they will be launching a mobile variant called League of Legends: Wild Rift.

These days, you wouldn’t also be surprised to see primarily console and PC titles also available on smartphones, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty with Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact, and soon, Pokemon with Pokemon Unite. It’s a natural move–everyone has a smartphone these days–and no one notices this shift more than the people always at the apex of gaming, such as our champ-status esports teams Blacklist International and Liyab Esports.

Gaming for everyone

Smartphone brands were unafraid to jump on the mobile gaming rise with the spike in popularity of mobile gaming, including OPPO. The brand partnered with Mineski Philippines for its esports campaign #OPPOGameOn to create more avenues for budding local esports talents to grow and flourish. OPPO champions the local gaming community in the country, providing support to the two of the Philippines’ major mobile gaming tournaments: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines’ MPL-PH Season 8, and League of Legends: Wild Rift Icon Series.

Dex Star, Blacklist International’s Team Analyst trying out the new color variant of OPPO A94, Crystal Silver
<em>Dex Star Blacklist Internationals Team Analyst trying out the new color variant of OPPO A94 Crystal Silver<em>

“With the global pandemic forcing people to stay at home, the gaming scene has seen an overwhelming increase in esports viewership. Mobile games continue to become more popular because of its accessibility and affordability,” said Blacklist International Team Analyst Dex Star, Champions of MPL-PH Season 7 and second place overall in the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021. “If you play on mobile, you can play anytime, anywhere. If you play on PC, you need to dedicate yourself to a certain space where your desktop is located,” he added.

Photo from left to right: Liyab esports League of Legends Wild Rift team Miggie, Nicssu, Exosen, Don, Elleione, and MoraytaBoy
<em>Photo from left to right Liyab esports League of Legends Wild Rift team Miggie Nicssu Exosen Don Elleione and MoraytaBoy<em>

“Most people [are] staying at home and spending time on their mobile phones or PCs during the lockdown, [and] more and more people [are] getting into either watching esports competitions or trying out streaming,” shared Cheesto, Player Development of Liyab Esports, a rising pro team powered by Mineski and Globe. “The closure of internet shops [was] a big deal to gamers, [which led] them to play on their smartphones. Also, with the help of the telcos that put up [data promos], they can also play League of Legends: Wild Rift anytime, even 24/7,” shared Liyab Esports’ power player, Exosen.

All systems go in life at full speed

So, with the rise of mobile gaming naturally comes the rise of optimized smartphones to make this experience better. OPPO captures this desire with the OPPO A94, a smartphone that is packed with powerful performance and camera features to let you #LiveLifeatFullSpeed. However, as proven by gaming pros, as well as cosplayer and musician Ashley Gosiengfao, and YouTube sensation Gloco Gaming, there’s more to this smartphone than just gaming.

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Ashley during her Mobile Legends: Bang Bang live stream using her OPPO A94 as her gaming smartphone
<em>Ashley during her Mobile Legends Bang Bang live stream using her OPPO A94 as her gaming smartphone<em>

As a gaming enthusiast, Ashley has had her fair share of experience with the mouse, keyboard, controller, and definitely, the smartphone. And how couldn’t she–esports probably runs through her blood. But outside of the virtual worlds, Ashley never forgets to reconnect with what’s real. “Our phones are now our number one way of communicating with the outside world, especially with all our loved ones whom we can’t see and visit as much anymore. It’s helping us to stay connected,” shared Ashley. But more than mobile gaming, performance is also practical for everyday use. “I feel like the non-gamers, or at least the casual gamers, still prioritize performance as well. Everyone’s a multitasker nowadays. We have so many apps on our phone. We all have accounts on different social media, and I’m sure that having a fast phone that can handle a lot of processes at the same time is important for a lot of people,” she continued. Dex doubled-down on this statement, saying, “We believe that gamer or not, people deserve an efficient, fast, and reliable smartphone because technology is here to make life easier, whether it is for gaming, work, or everyday use.”

As a multi-hyphenate, having a fully-capable phone benefits Ashley’s lifestyle of being in and out of studio recordings, live streams, and social media. That’s why the 4310mAh battery and 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 of the OPPO A94 have become her favorite features. The charging power is so handy, just a 5-minute charge can already give you as much as 3.2 hours of talk time, 1 hour on Instagram, and 2.9 hours of watching YouTube. No more low battery annoyances to slow you down.

Gloco Gaming, one of OPPO Gaming Ambassadors, plays League of Legend Wild Rift using is OPPO A94
<em>Gloco Gaming one of OPPO Gaming Ambassadors plays League of Legend Wild Rift using is OPPO A94<em>

The same can be said for Gloco of Gloco Gaming, who has been known for his wildly entertaining YouTube gaming channel, as well as parody content to bring laughter into our lives. Much like Ashley, living life at full speed is always a top priority: “Once a person knows just how important a commodity time is, then they’ll start to appreciate how efficient technology can be. I personally think time is the most valuable thing in the world due to how definite it is. If something will allow me to save time or to do something more efficiently, I’ll take it.”

Unsurprisingly, Gloco took the power of the OPPO A94 into his own hands to be such a good time-saver. More than just being a great gaming phone, its overall performance and features proves to be efficient. Pesky unlock screens? OPPO’s In-Display Fingerprint Unlock is faster, more accurate, and more secure than ever before. Long loading times? With a MediaTek Helio P95 chipset, the OPPO A94 boots apps 30% faster than the previous generation, as well as improves touch and button response times. If long-term use is a concern, its System Performance Optimizer optimizes memory and processes to reduce lag over years of use, extending its lifespan. As Gloco best sums up, “The OPPO A94 is not only light and slim to the [touch], but it’s also very powerful, allowing me to play pretty much all the essential applications and my favorite games on the go, truly allowing me to live life at the fullest.”

OPPO A94: A versatile smartphone for gaming and phoneography

Photo by Gloco Gaming during his Facebook Livestream using his OPPO A94
<em>Photo by Gloco Gaming during his Facebook Livestream using his OPPO A94<em>

With speed and power as catalysts, OPPO A94 truly excels as an everyday life companion outside of just mobile gaming, and no other feature in the phone says this more than its camera technologies. Capture the best life has to show with a 32MP front-facing camera, and an array of rear cameras to make every moment memorable: a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP mono camera. With stand-out effects like AI Color Portrait Video feature that turns everything in grayscale to put you in the center of colorful attention, and Dynamic Bokeh that adds a unique blur effect in your shot, you’ll always be ready with content to share. In fact, there are so many unique modes and smart features that you won’t run out of new and exciting ways to share your personal self to the world. Why limit yourself to digital avatars and IGNs?

Photo of Ashley playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on her OPPO A94 with Game Focus Mode on
<em>Photo of Ashley playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang on her OPPO A94 with Game Focus Mode on<em>

But beyond accolades, the titles, the skirmishes, and the strategies, the real game everyone must be equipped to play is life itself. Technology will always be more than just the games we play. As Coach Eds of Liyab Esports imparts, “Ever since [COVID-19] started and our government decided to put us on lockdown, smartphones became a necessity. First, since we can no longer do face-to-face classes, we continue studying by using an online platform, such as Zoom, [through] the use of our gadgets, with most students using smartphones over laptops or computers. Next, we discovered that in our country, work from home is possible. Some may use their laptops and personal computers, but some use smartphones too. To [summarize], if there is one thing that the past year taught us, it would be that our world is now integrating into modern technology.”

Yes, Blacklist International, Liyab Esports, Ashley Gosiengfao, and Gloco may be proud Gaming Ambassadors of OPPO, but their roles and advocacies don’t just end at the victory screen. They recognize the value of a good smartphone and show how more than excelling in-game, the best wins in life are the connections made and moments captured offline. With the realities of today’s school and work demands still pressing forward, and the gaming industry taking a more mobile turn, get a smartphone that enables you to live life at full speed and capture life on your terms.

OPPO A94 is now officially available in all OPPO concept stores and partner dealers nationwide, and exclusive e-commerce partners Shopee and Lazada for only PHP13,999. Visit its official website and official Facebook page.