Bioten Shares an Important Skincare Ingredient You Might Not Be Aware of

What else is there?

Let’s shine a spotlight on these prebiotics, shall we?

Skincare junkies have already heard of and are incredibly familiar with the ingredients their products should always, always have. There’s SPF, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and the list goes on and on. But another important ingredient that everyone should also keep an eye out for are prebiotics or polysaccharides, which are basically food for good bacteria on the skin. When bacteria on the skin is balanced and moisturized, at its best and brightest, problems such as irritation and excessive sebum are nowhere to be found. This is what prebiotics, an ingredient in Bioten’s Skin Moisture Line, are for–a healthy skin that shuts the door on all those impurities.


The European skincare brand’s Skin Moisture Line is composed of two variants, Normal/Combination and Dry/Sensitive. The Natural/Combination variant specifically has Quince extract, a tree fruit that is known for producing a high content of polysaccharides, which makes it perfect for moisturizing one’s skin. Meanwhile, the Dry/Sensitive variant comprises one of the finest spices there is–Saffron, helping increase the skin’s elasticity through its antioxidant properties. All the products from both lines such as the Face Cream, Micellar Water, and Cleansing Gel or Milk are infused with prebiotics along with the most natural ingredients. 

According to Kelly Eripi, the head of Bioten’s skincare division, “Prebiotics feed the population of good bacteria to protect the skin. We at Bioten use polysaccharides–natural sugars–for our Skin Moisture Line to help keep the skin’s PH balance and fortify its beneficial microflora.” These prebiotics are also safely and scientifically infused as the global brand proudly stands up for caring for nature by using a high percentage of ingredients made from the most natural products. Believing that going natural is a true movement, they are committed to pursuing a sustainable carbon footprint. Selecting only 100% natural key ingredients through environmentally friendly methods, it’s only right that in the long run, Bioten will be able to achieve that sustainable goal.

Familiarize yourself with the wondrous effects of prebiotics through Boiten and their Skin Moisture Line, available in store at Watsons and the SM Store, and online through Amorfia and Lazada.