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8 Ways BINI Took Us To Another World At Their 3-Day BINIverse Concert Weekend

We're never leaving the BINIverse, we fear.

Are you reliving your BINIverse memories, too? Let’s turn back time to the magical BINI weekend.

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The Nation’s Girl Group BINI celebrated success and all the massive milestones they’ve earned the past year at their first solo concert, and it was nothing less than a glorious, glittery affair. The BINIverse Concert, with three sold out days, was a weekend full of great music, good vibes, endless jokes, fanservice, sweet surprises, sentimental celebratory moments, and so much more.

Looking like the pop superstars they are, Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena brought the house down at the New Frontier Theater with their three-day concert, offering something new each time, but still being very much the BINI everybody knew and loved.

And the fun doesn’t end there! At the end of the concerts, they announced that the best is yet to come with the upcoming Grand BINIverse Concert at the Araneta Coliseum on October 4. In August, they’re headed to Canada for the BINIverse Tour. But until then, let’s throw it back to the music, laughter, and tears that mark a major milestone in BINI’s career with some BINIverse concert highlights.


From content creators to their fellow P-pop idols, Sharlene San Pedro to Gary V, the New Frontier Theater was packed with people, fans and artists alike, all clamoring to attend BINI’s first solo concert. When they said Nation’s Girl Group, there really is emphasis on the nation.


@ancelangelo11 “KARERA” by #bini at #biniverse_thefirstsoloconcert #biniph #binimikha #binisheena #binicolet #biniaiah #binijhoanna #binimaloi #binigwen #binistacey #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fy ♬ original sound – Ancel Angelo

Was there any doubt BINI wasn’t going to put on a show? No not a “show,” a show. They served live vocals, moves, and looks. From their megahits Pantropiko and Karera to their unreleased track Cherry On Top, the debut Da Coconut Nut to sentimental Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi, Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena sang and danced their hearts out, having fun and feeling the love all the while.

@keishanavera SALAMIN SALAMIN PERFORMANCE BINIVERSE D1 #biniph #bini #salaminsalamin #binisheena #binijhoanna #binimikha #binimaloi #binicolet #biniaiah #binigwen #biniverse #biniverse_thefirstsoloconcert #biniph🌸🌸🌸🌸 ♬ original sound – kae


@bini.not.bini Mahal namin kayo, Bini. Hindi na mag babago yan. #bini #biniverse #fyp @Jhoanna Robles ♬ original sound – Bini Not Bini

It can’t be easy to perform three days straight. All that pressure, all that doubt, all the things that could possibly go wrong—they pile up, and some people would crumble. Despite anything that may stand in their way, the members stood solid and strong all weekend, giving everybody a show to remember.

Gwen was even feeling under the weather at the time, but that didn’t stop her from giving her all, and even in the rush of things, we can see how everybody’s support—her members’ to all her supporters—gave her the strength to push on (and she ate).

By the end of the weekend, though we know they had to be worn out, all BINI had was endless gratitude and pride at being able to express themselves and their artistry in arguably the biggest moment of their career to date.


One of the best things about BINI’s relationship with their fans is how comedic, playful, and open they are with them—just as they are with each other. BINIverse weekend had no shortage of jokes, references, dogshow moments, bardagulans between member and member and member and fans.

OG BLOOMs were also treated to a bit of history (because idols’ self-referential humor always hits!) in moments like Colet’s Nadine Lustre joke she first shared online over four years ago. Talk about time flying.

@czouc WALANG MAGMOMOVE ON HAHAHAHAHAHHA sa concert ka lang nila makakakita ng singing, dancing, comedy, drama, horror [eme] lahat na eh😭😭 #biniverse_thefirstsoloconcert #biniph ♬ original sound – sayo ako jhoanna robles jr. – rainn


From Mikha’s electric guitar-accompanied That’s What You Get cover to Colet’s Crazy In Love performance, the girls surprised BLOOMs with their solo cover performances at BINIverse. They ate up cover after cover, showing off how well they can command a stage whether they’re standing alone or standing together.

Featuring standout vocals, captivating choreography, and each one’s own unique style and color, these solo moments shows that if one member is as talented and showstopping on their own, then as a team…we can see why they’re well on the road to BINI world domination.


BINI’s stage was basically a runway with the way their outfits were some of the best they’ve worn in their career. They were colorful, sparkly, and moved perfectly with their choreography. With bedazzled details, charms, florals, and a whole lot of glitter, their outfits were the perfect mix of glamorous, trendy, and avant-garde—making BINIverse the most stylish universe we’ve been in.

@ecv1120 Boogsh change outfit #Biniverse #pantropiko ♬ original sound – ellaiiiiiii

The Pantropiko outfit reveal, where the girls ripped off simple white tees and denim shorts to reveal their glittery finale ensembles, symbolizing the journey from their beginning to where they are now, was a special storytelling-through-fashion treat.


@binifindsph BINI BALLOON MESSAGE 🌸 Every balloon contains a message from BINI 🥺 📷©️ #biniverseday1 #huwagmunatayongumuwi #biniverse_thefirstsoloconcert #biniverse #biniph #bini ♬ Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi – BINI

With this being their first concert, BINI prepared something meaningful that showed how grateful they were to be where they are now, besides their ments. During the slow, sentimental Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi, balloons dropped from the rafters towards the crowd, and once popped (urged by the members themselves), fans found the messages written by the members inside. Now who’s cutting onions?


Speaking of crying, it was an emotional weekend for the group, having reached this major milestone in their career with their first solo concert. Tears were shed, congratulations from ABS-CBN higher-ups were given, and BINI felt an outpouring of love from all sides. And to think—this is just the beginning.

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