Billboard Featured SB19’s WYAT Dance Tutorial On TikTok And We’re Screaming

P-Pop royalty energy. 🔥

SB19 goes into the holidays making some noise as Billboard gets in the zone with a TikTok feature of the P-Pop supergroup’s WYAT dance tutorial.

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If we talk about P-Pop, SB19 would, without even having a second thought, instantly come to mind. And with the Pinoy supergroup’s series of winning moments this year, achieving career highs and milestones, it’s just reasonable to say that this is the year of our MAHALIMA.

From their globetrotting adventure with their first-ever world tour to releasing chart-topping music, doing unforgettable collaborations, their US television debut, and collecting awards and recognitions, Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin, and Josh have proven again their supremacy. And before the year ends, SB19 managed to make some noise on the international stage once more as Billboard featured the multitalented pentad, this time blessing fans from all over the world with a WYAT (Where You At) dance tutorial.


On the night of December 21, 2022, A’TIN’s hearts were once again filled with joy as SB19 got featured on the TikTok page of the American music and entertainment platform, Billboard. While this is not their first time being spotlighted by Billboard, it’s always exciting to see our kings getting the attention that they deserve. In the 40-second video, the Filipino boy band teaches their international fans how to hit the moves right to their comeback and retro upbeat single WYAT.

After their introduction, SB19’s lead dancer and main choreographer Stell gives a detailed presentation of the WYAT choreography, so effortlessly that you’ll get distracted by the sheer talent that he has. SB19 then gives a final performance of the WYAT dance showing us all how to achieve the swag and groove like P-Pop idols in under a minute.

As you may recall, Billboard’s TikTok page also featured SB19 earlier this month with the boys sharing five little-known facts about themselves. This comes three months after Billboard’s comprehensive article about the pop group’s rapid rise to stardom and their international takeover. And of course, who would forget that time when SB19 beat BTS on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs with Bazinga being the longest-running number one song on the chart. SB19’s disco-pop track WYAT has also been listed as one of the top trending songs in the same list, peaking at the fourth spot. 

Per usual, A’TIN quickly expressed their support for their P-Pop mains after the Billboard feature. One fan showed their pride in a tweet, delighted at how far SB19 has come. While other fans rightfully gushed over Stell’s shining moment.

Another A’TIN notices how SB19 has consistently been receiving attention from Billboard. Is this the sign that SB19 will soon have a performance on Billboard Music Awards? Fingers-crossed!

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