Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

If you missed out on the Big Bad Wolf Sale, don’t worry – it’s coming to a mall near you!

Book lovers, rise again!

Big Bad Wolf 2024 is back again, and this time it’s bigger and closer than ever!

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For book lovers all over, the 2024 Big Bad Wolf Sale probably felt like it was gone in the blink of an eye. If you’re still haunted by that one book you were confident you didn’t need and then instantly regretted not getting, feel the FOMO no further. Big Bad Wolf is back, and it’s coming straight to you through the heart of the Metro: Glorietta. 

Millions of books from different genres at discounted prices await at the Glorietta Activity Center and Palm Drive Activity Center from the 19th to the 26th of June 2024. But that’s not all that Big Bad Wolf has to offer this time around. Here are some things to look forward to!


The return of the Big Bad Wolf Sale is a collaboration with Ayala Malls for their literacy initiative, “BookLat: Open. Imagine. Discover.” Aside from reigniting a love of reading in the general public, the project also aims to make reading more accessible to young students in public schools. That’s why the event also features a book donation drive, where customers can also bring books that they love and want to share with others. 

Ayala Malls aims to collect a total of 20,000 books. With Glorietta pledging 1,000 to start and Big Bad Wolf promising to match that number, you can help them reach their goals by stopping by and giving away your old books. 


Fun for the whole family, and especially young kids, Big Bad Wolf also gives kids the opportunity to further their reading-related learnings through their Little Wolfies Book Crew. These little librarians will welcome you, run the merch stands, man the cashiers, and get an experience that will help deepen their love for books and others. 


If being surrounded by piles and piles of books waiting to be discovered wasn’t exciting enough, Big Bad Wolf has you covered. Glorietta is upping the experience by adding an activity corner! There you can listen to music, and visit DIY stations for stamping and recycled doll making so you can engage your creativity to the max. 

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