The Big 3-0: MEGA Celebrates Three Decades Of Magazine Legacy With Three Special Cover Stars

The MEGA story continues.

Marking an important milestone in its storied legacy, MEGA magazine is making things count on its 30th anniversary with important conversations and even more significant stars to lead the charge.

Once a major milestone rolls around, the knee-jerk intention is to go big, that’s just par for the course. Whatever the context may be, one has to make it count, because these things are like lightning in a bottle—you never know when something of the same thrilling magnitude will happen again. No one knows this more than MEGA magazine, the pioneering force in Philippine publication in the fashion and lifestyle front. Chalking up a significant hallmark in its history, it is set to embark on a month-long celebration to fete its 30th anniversary.

Always looking to a horizon of possibilities, MEGA has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1992 with its founder and industry trailblazer, the late Sari V. Yap. Weathering storms, claiming victories, and pushing the narrative forward, the media brand has navigated changes and adapted the business, as well as of its stories to serve the audience it has committed to three decades ago. Over the course of its ever-dynamic evolution, MEGA has gone through many rebirths, and for its 30th anniversary, the Philippines’ best fashion magazine confronts “the cycle of life, reinvention, the chance to start over, and the revitalization of the world we live in” in a special print and digital issue.

30 years strong, and with so much more up their billowing sleeves, MEGA is inducting this moment into the halls of its heritage by continuing to elevate local talents and challenge the status quo, and most importantly, bringing together the past, present, and future.

Going On 30

Manifesting this point-of-view is a definitive assemblage of stars across that is encompassing of MEGA’s legacy. From the youngest ever cover personality, one of the most influential and highly-acclaimed stars of her generation, and one of most legendary actresses in Filipino cinema and television, these strong females stand to be the brave forces embodying the next chapters of the MEGA story.

More than just fronting the magazine’s 30th anniversary issue, these yet-to-be-revealed cover stars are set to represent causes that the media brand will push for. Through this milestone, MEGA is encouraging is readers that together, “we all can heed, help, and heal as one nation,” it writes in a statement. So, accordingly, 100% of print sales will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Odette.

Cutting across a cause to heal (putting health and well-being at the forefront, especially amid the pandemic), a cause to help (take part in the restoration, rehabilitation, and rebuilding of communities affected by the devastation of typhoons and calamities), and a cause to heed (steering the nation towards the responsibility of a better tomorrow for the benefit of the next generation), this effort underscores the necessary dialogues we should all be taking part of. And what better way to champion this than by striking these conversations just in time for the big 3-0, right? Now that’s how you make things count.

The official cover releases will be revealed on February 4 on MEGA Magazine’s social media accounts and website.