7 Beloved Highlights From Belle Mariano’s First In-Person Concert

She was glowing.

Belle Mariano exuded that pop star beauty, confidence, energy and grace at her concert.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the latest milestone of Belle Mariano. Following her successful Daylight digital concert back in January 2022, Belle achieved her latest W yet by holding her very first live and in-person solo concert. Titled Beloved, the sold-out concert brought together her fans, friends, and family at the New Frontier Theater where she unleashed her inner pop star once more and lived that dream she has always dreamt for herself. She was in her bag the night of July 22 and owned that stage. Here are just some moments from the concert we’re still thinking about.


Why slay alone when you can slay with your friend? That’s what Belle did when she invited her special guest of the evening, Darren Espanto, to join her for their cover of Dati.


Why it took this long for Belle to cover this Selena Gomez classic, we don’t know. But we’re happy she did. The vibe of the track fits her so well. And bonus points to Donny for hyping Belle up during her performance.


If the most supportive partner award was to be voted on today, we have a feeling Donny Panalingan might take it home with how supportive he was of Belle during her big night. Not only was he seated near the front, but he also went on stage during the finale to give Belle her flowers, literally. We can just imagine how proud he was of seeing Belle in the spotlight.


A pop star concert can’t happen without some pop star looks. And Belle delivered on that as she and her stylist Adrianne Concepcion, worked together to come up with the four looks of the evening. Custom made by Joseph Palma, each look served, from the pink catsuit and chiffon coat to the finale of the black catsuit that was covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals that would make Dua Lipa proud.


If it hasn’t been said enough, then we’ll say it again, Belle Mariano has an amazing voice. The Gen Z actress and rising musician has the vocal chops to back up her talent. And that was on display during the Beloved concert. From upbeat tracks to acoustic sessions, she weaved through each song.


@donbelletoast @Esnyr as your supportive friend 😭 #esnyr #bellemariano #belovedconcert #donnypangilinan #fyp ♬ original sound – ♡

If our friends aren’t as supportive of us as Esnyr was during Belle’s concert, then we don’t want it.


Tita Kat must have felt like the proudest of mothers seeing her daughter live her dreams. 

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