Belle Mariano Serves Dreamy Visuals In Her Tanging Dahilan Music Video

She's glowing.

In Belle Mariano’s latest single, Tanging Dahilan, the young star wistfully takes us to an enchanted garden dressed in all white.

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Belle Mariano has been booked and busy these days. This year alone saw Belle in the hit series He’s Into Her, her first movie with Donny Pangilinan as a love team in Love Is Color Blind, and record her debut studio album, Daylight. And that’s on top of the other tapings she has done for her projects set to air in 2022 such as He’s Into Her season 2 and CLICK, LIKE, SHARE season 3. But proving how multi-talented the Gen Z star is, she also has time to drop music videos. And we recently got our latest taste of that with the release of the music video for Tanging Dahilan.


Tanging Dahilan is a standout on the Daylight album thanks to the mix of Belle’s soft and airy vocals with the track’s heartfelt message. Gab Tagadtad made the song as on ode to the one he loves who at the time was far away from him. And the result is an earnest song about how that special someone in your life gives you the motivation you need to keep going. As Belle beautifully sings in the chorus: “Ilaw ang tanging dahilan/Tanging dahilan sa paggising ko/Biglang may kahulugan/May kahulugan ang pag-ibig sa mundo.” And fitting for Tanging Dahilan’s sincere message is a music video that matches it.


It starts out with Belle inside an old home decorated with small trinkets and shrubbery. It then transitions to Belle in a field surrounded by flowers while looking radiant and ethereal, as if she’s a princess. The motif of a mirror is noticeable throughout the video as Belle sings into a handheld mirror, possibly signaling that whoever Belle is singing to is on the other side of the mirror. Directed by Amiel Kirby Balagtas, the Tanging Dahilan music video is a near 180 as compared to Belle’s previous music video for Sigurado. In there, she was giving sweet girl next door vibes. But in this one, it feels as if Belle has matured and is presenting a more confident side to her. She is glowing in the music video and is yet another step up for the young star.

It’s also not lost on us the parallels and similarities to Donny Pangilinan’s Wings music video. The set of the old room is oddly familiar to the one featured in the Wings MV. Also, both music videos feature white feathers and both are dressed in white. Could it be that both videos are connected? Possibly. And honestly, that just means it could lead to a collab for Donny and Belle in a music video, which may or may not break the internet.

If you can’t get enough of Belle the musician, then you’re in luck. She is set to start of 2022 on the right note with her Daylight concert on January 29. It’s going to be exciting to see how Belle will do in her first ever solo concert.

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