It’s BBB Season: Here’s How We’re Celebrating Big Bold Brave Awards: Next Level


This June, we’re celebrating the Big Bold Brave Awards: Next Level through a special MyZine print pack, fun content with the winners, and more. 

Big, Bold, and Brave. These are the words that have guided NYLON Manila since our inception in November 2020. This is why we created the Big Bold Brave Awards in 2021 to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth. Since 2021, we have been celebrating the winners and nominees who did their thing in their respective fields. This year is no exception. 

Now that all the votes have been counted and the winners have been officially confirmed, we’re ready to celebrate all things Big Bold Brave this June. Here’s how.  


With the theme of arcade, this year’s Big Bold Brave Awards took things retro as we highlighted and championed the different levels and worlds of the Filipino youth and the heroes who inhabit them. Going Next Level, the biggest and most talked-about edition of the Big Bold Brave Awards yet focused on the protagonists who proved that what they have to offer in their field is legendary-tier. Their experience points remain unmatched. 

This year’s edition wouldn’t be a success without your unyielding support in voting for your favorite nominees. With all the passion you guys showed, it’s only right we celebrate with the same energy as we give the spotlight this June to the Big Bold Brave Awards and the triumphant winners. 

Starting things off will be the reveal of the official winners, which you can check out on our website and social media pages. That will be followed by this month’s cover reveal, which isn’t one, but three. That’s right. Three winners from Big Bold Brave Awards: Next Level were chosen to each represent a Big, Bold, Brave category. Just wait ‘till you see the visuals. 

The festivities continue with a special BBB edition of the MyZine print pack dropping soon. Expect to see the cover stars in their glory, a deep dive into what exactly the Big Bold Brave Awards are, and more content celebrating BBB. 

This June and beyond, we also will be dropping exclusive features with select winners, so stay tuned for that. Finally, without spoiling the surprise, let’s just say thank you messages and fun challenges from this year’s winners of the Big Bold Brave Awards are coming your way soon. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the plans we have in store for BBB.