Changing Landscapes: Navigating The World Of Gen Z Fashion And Social Media With Ashley Garcia

Taking style to new heights.

The fashion of this generation is a kaleidoscope of values and inspirations, but content creator Ashley Garcia knows a thing or two about taking it to the next level.

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Fashion now more than ever has become an integral part of our personal lives, and has even become the foundation for communities and discourse. But what exactly does it take to go the next level with fashion? 

There’s more to it than just finding your own style—which, these days, seems difficult what with the myriad of influences at our fingertips. For some people, fashion has become the backbone of their career in content creation, and it’s taken them to places they would never have dreamed of going. 

ashley garcia

Nails Nail Architect (, Rings A N T L E R and KRIZIA JIMENEZ (@antleraccesories) and (@kriziajimenez), Earrings A N T L E R (@antleraccesories), Choker Christopher Munar (@christophermunar), Belt bustier Devilleres (@devilleres), Leather panel skirt Thian Rodriguez Manila (@thianrodriguez), Bow cape dress and hooded sweater Bonna Von (@bonnavon), Heels, Melissa Philippines (@melissaphilippines)

Content creator Ashley Garcia knows what it’s like to level up—many of us have watched her do it over the years. From being an OG YouTube icon to full-fledged multi-platform fashion content creator, the 25-year-old has navigated the ever-changing landscape of fashion and social media as realistically as she can. 

The winner of the 2024 Big Bold Brave Award for Favorite Fashion Content Creator has proven she’s taken her life, fashion, and passion to the next level, all while embodying the direction Gen Z is taking with style.


Nails Nail Architect (, Rings A N T L E R and KRIZIA JIMENEZ (@antleraccesories and @kriziajimenez), Nose accessory A N T L E R (@antleraccesories), Belt with leg harness KN.A (@kna_officialph), Biker jacket Earl Siton Bepitel (@earl_siton_bepitel_jr), Spiked bra top Devilleres (@devilleresdevilleres), Deconstructed top and cargo pants Joseph Palma (@josephpalmaph), Heels Melissa Philippines (@melissaphilippines)

There’s nothing like a good outfit (or the validation of a good outfit) to make you feel confident in yourself. Ashley believes that fashion and content creation empowers Gen Z to “challenge traditional beauty standards, gender stereotypes, and fashion norms.”

Sharing your style with the world not only gives you an outlet to express your personality (and sometimes—let’s be real—your social standing), but it can also give you or other people a new perspective, or even a new community to bond with.

“For instance,” Ashley shares, “I’ve encountered the belief that my skin tone is less desirable compared to lighter complexions. However, through fashion content creation, I’ve been able to connect with people who share similar features and empower one another through styling tips, a supportive community, and learning from each other.”

Social media has a huge hand in changing the landscape of fashion, as well. Everybody wants good outfit photos, everybody wants good “content”, even if they’re not a content creator. And we see all of those efforts. 

“We’re exposed to different reviews, visual outfit inspirations, and ideas,” Ashley notes. But there’s a difference between curating your IG feed and making a career out of creating content. You can’t decline the power you would have in shaping people’s minds if you decide to go down that road. You can’t separate the work from the responsibility of being able to influence in more ways than one.

“I think being a content creator now means having a platform where you build your own community, and it’s no longer just a space for self-expression where you can showcase your lifestyle and creativity,” Ashley says. “Having a platform gives you the privilege to influence, so it’s important to find balance in being authentic and responsible.”


In this ever-changing world where art, fashion, and content seem to be woven together so tightly, taking it to the next level seems to be a difficult ordeal in this era of content creation and social media influencing. For Ashley, though, it just means taking a chance on something that you think is meant for you, even if it feels daunting. Taking those leaps allowed her to be where she is now, steadily growing her platform and expressing herself through her own unique style.

Though the rise of content creation as a job is a relatively recent advent, it’s become a coveted life. Pursuing this seemingly glamorous and envy-inducing passion as a means of livelihood has been a blessing to many, even Ashley. 

“But it also comes with challenges, such as the constant pressure to show up and face hateful criticism or judgment,” she admits. “Staying grounded, and my support system, like my family and my closest circle, helps in recognizing that I am not defined by what I do or who I am to other people.”


Nails Nail Architect (, Rings A N T L E R and  KRIZIA JIMENEZ (@antleraccesories and @kriziajimenez), Spiked headscarf Vanrob Herrera (@vanrobherrera), Ringed bustier East of Eden (@exploreeastofeden), Utility jacket and utility skirt Rima Sarmiento (@rimasarmiento), Heels, Sofab! Philippines (@sofabph)

There’s a certain amount of joy and fulfillment that comes from embracing personal style and celebrating the diversity of fashion, and this generation is well aware of that, Ashley observes. Gen Z’s take on fashion is bold, and contains a fusion of past and present trends. It’s never boring or stagnant. “It celebrates individuality while being inclusive, sustainable, and creative.” 

Although microtrends and viral content still have major influence over people’s fashion choices, there’s no denying the values this generation is upholding with every thrifted piece or every sustainable brand they support. Every piece of clothing on someone’s body is a tapestry of meaning, and every outfit tells a story. But consumerism is unfortunately also another marker of contemporary fashion, placing importance on owning more, acquiring the things influencers have, or buying something to alleviate a perceived need. It’s a mindset that many Gen Zs try to break away from.

“You don’t always need to follow every trend. You don’t always need to have what everyone has,” Ashley advises. Well-known for her college life vlogs and affordable clothing hauls, the creator has since been able to upgrade her wardrobe and her content, featuring higher-end brands her job has allowed her to work with or afford. But she’s also a huge advocate of thrifting and sticking to your own personal style, not just blindly following trends. Confidence will always be key.

“That kind of mindset helps you carry the clothes you wear better, no matter how simple or extra they may be.”


Although the nature of fashion is cyclical, it’s not always predictable. But there is merit in looking to the past and trying to envision the future. Hopefully, Ashley notes, it includes more confident fashion lovers and a culture of cultivating uniqueness, creativity, and identity in more diverse and inclusive spaces. 

Exclusivity has long since been a structural aspect of fashion, but a diversification of the industry means more talent, more creativity, and more voices are brought into the fold—and it’s nothing less than inspiring. Fashion is not just about clothing, luxury, or even style. It’s also about the art of it all, another expression of humanity, and art is for everybody to make and engage with.

“I’ve witnessed how the industry has evolved and opened doors for talented, creative, and hardworking individuals to thrive,” Ashley says. There is always room for change—just look at where we are now. From Gen Z designers making waves to sustainable brands making statements, the world of Philippine fashion is coming to be one of diversity and inclusivity. Content and social media help by amplifying these voices and movements in fashion, bringing them to wider consciousness. We love to see it, and so does Ashley Garcia.

“This evolution towards greater inclusivity and authenticity is something I’m looking forward to. I also hope that people on social media would be kinder to each other, as putting yourself out there already takes so much courage.”


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