Alpha and Jayson of 1st.One Join The Cast Of A Thai-Korean BL Series

The first P-pop idols to do so.

From P-pop to boys’ love stars, 1st.One members Alpha and Jayson will join Kinnporsche’s Jeff Satur and Barcode in the global project, Wuju Bakery.

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Earlier this year, 1st.One made a history-making comeback. The six-piece boy group under the Seoul-based FirstOne Entertainment not only released their latest fiery track, Problem Child, but also marked their return with the most expensive music video from a P-pop act yet. Since then, the MV has now garnered over a million views and the chart-topping boys have been quite on a roll doing shows and collaborating with their fellow Filipino pop artists.

And recently, it was announced that 1st.One is set to make another “first” as some of its members are about to enter the realm of acting. From being all-around performers on-stage, 1st.One’s Alpha Jayson are about to embark on a special journey in their career as they take a great leap into the world of the boys’ love genre and star in a global drama series. 


Last month, the exciting news was first shared on 1st.One socials that the group’s bunso, Jayson, and main dancer and rapper, Jayson, were cast in a multinational project from Hanyang International. Much to the delight of their fandom, For.One, the surprise announcement was made even more exciting as it was revealed that Alpha and Jayson will mark their acting debut with an international boys’ love project.

Y Evolution 2023 poster

Just days ago, Alpha and Jayson (or AlSon, as they’re now fondly called), together with their groupmates Ace, Max, J, and Joker, flew to Bangkok for the Y Evolution 2023 event, where Hanyang Studios unveiled its slate of Thai-Korean BL collaborations for this year. Alpha and Jayson will join Kinnporsche’s Jeff Satur and Barcode, and up-and-coming South Korean actors, Q and Dion, in the web series, Wuju Bakery.

Currently in development, Wuju Bakery packs an extraterrestrial premise that, according to a source, follows the story of an alien whose spaceship crash-landed on the small bakery and develops a chaotic relationship with a handsome baker. While other details about the BL project are still under wraps, it seems that Alpha and Jayson will play a couple in the global project.

“I remember that I wasn’t able to sleep that night because you know, we’re part of a boy group and  all I know is we’re just gonna dance, sing, and rap,” says Jason when asked by the Thai press about his initial reaction to being cast. “We didn’t expect that we’re going to be [actors], that’s why this is a big opportunity for us.” Jayson adds that being part of the project this big will surely open more doors for their career.

Other BL shows included in Hanyang Studio’s drama lineup are Eccentric Romance, Love Is Like A Cat, and The First Love Manual, which stars Thai BL stars Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn. Jayson and Alpha also flexed their P-pop skills in Bangkok as 1st.One performed Problem Child in the event’s after party. They will next be seen in FirstOne’s first-ever meet and greet concert with its homegrown artists together with the girl group DIONE and pop soloist Jessica Lee. 

This is a special moment for 1st.One as Alpha and Jayson are taking on an extraordinary venture that will certainly be an inspiration for many. They’re also setting the bar as they will be the first P-pop group members to ever make such a momentous career move. For more announcements and details about Wuju Bakery, follow Hanyang International’s social media pages.

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