All The Times Awra Briguela Unapologetically Defended Her Friends And Herself

She's a baddie we can trust.

We all need a ride-or-die friend like Awra in our lives.

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Ever since she landed on our radar in 2016 thanks to her viral “awra” pose, Awra Briguela has earned millions of fans thanks to her charm, comedic skills, and talent. If she isn’t starring in the latest movies or shows, scoring viral videos on TikTok, or hyping her volleyball friends up on Twitter, Awra is proudly embracing who she is on social media.

And that’s one of the main reasons why we love this star, with the way she treats herself and her friends. In an industry that is sometimes known for fake friendships and personalities, Awra is a true queen who isn’t afraid to selflessly stand up for herself or her BFFs when they get mistreated. Here are the times when she delivered A-tier clapbacks like the confident queen that she is.


Awra has that confidence we would love to have. And one of the ways she shows it is through the fierce pics she posts on social media, often flaunting what her momma gave her. But sadly, even if it’s 2023, people still can’t keep their unwarranted opinions out of other people’s business. Awra’s unapologetic aura wasn’t enough to keep the haters away when netizens started leaving unsolicited comments on one of her bikini photos last February.

Clearly, Awra wasn’t having any of it and took to Twitter to call out those who tried to insult her with homophobic comments. In a separate tweet, she furthered her sentiments by saying, “Just facts: Unattractive men are the homophobic ones.” And that’s how you clear homophobes.


What do you do when you see one of your friends get harassed at a bar? Understandably, you’d go to their defense. And that was what Awra did when she saw that one of her friends was being allegedly harassed while they were bar-hopping Poblacion.

While she was sadly detained by the police despite acting in the defense of herself and her friends, many of Awra’s friends, like Sassa Gurl, Zeinab Harake, and many more, took to social media to defend the actress and vouch for her character. Riva Quenery even visited Awra at the police station where she was being held. At the end of the day, Awra is a real one for standing up for her friends.


While many remember Awra as the eccentric little kid on Ang Probinsyano, she’s gone through a glow-up in the past couple of years and isn’t afraid to express the new era she’s in. And while people can say what they want, Awra is here to remind us that she’s not one to conform herself to the standards of others. “You should never feel bad about wanting to change or re-shape yourself into the person you want to be,” she shared on Twitter.

The most constant thing in life is change so, as long as you are happy and not hurting anyone, you shouldn’t feel the need to be someone people expect you to be. Awra is proudly living her best life despite what the haters may say, and so should you.  


While Awra hasn’t specified who this message is for, it is speculated that it’s for Ricci Rivero. ICYDK, Awra is one of Andrea Brillantes’ besties, and have been BFFs for years. So, when news broke that Blythe and Ricci were officially over, Awra took to Twitter to say this. And honestly, we don’t blame her. Real friends will always be there for you, especially post-breakup when you aren’t treated right. 

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