All The Love Teams That Captured Our Hearts In Ben&Ben’s Music Videos

Ben&Ben + love teams = magic

From DonBelle, KathNiel, and more, these pairings had us in a chokehold with their starring roles in some of Ben&Ben’s most iconic music videos.

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When listening to a Ben&Ben song, there’s a near guarantee that it will be a tender ballad on love, breakup, or an emotion certain to move the heart. The band has that secret recipe, both in their music and lyrics, to tug on our heartstrings. If you want to know what love feels or the cold embrace of a heartbreak, Ben&Ben is here for you to give just that.

But if that wasn’t enough for the band, they decided to have the assistance of some of the country’s top love teams to star in a few of their music videos. Over the years, Ben&Ben and love teams are a partnership that has yielded some of the band’s most memorable music videos, not to mention moments that sent us in a spiral. Here are the love teams that brought to life the love, heartbreak, and everything in between of Ben&Ben’s tracks.  


For their Upuan music video, Ben&Ben was looking to visualize the feeling of young love and that euphoric flutter of the heart. So, to achieve that, they cast DonBelle as the lead stars of the music video. Wholesome is the best way to describe the love team’s first music video together as Donny and Belle play students who have feelings for each other. As the rest of the bandmates play their classmates, Donny tries his best to woo Belle, especially as he tries to ask her to go to prom with him. In an alternate reality of He’s Into Her, we can see this cute love story happening for Deib and Maxpein.


Ben&Ben brought out the big guns for this one as they got KathNiel to star in Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay, a project that feels more like a short film than a music video. Kathryn and Daniel bring to life this tragic romance to absolute perfection as the couple, and the song, remind us that not all love is meant to be everlasting as some will sadly fall by the wayside.


From their food trips to travels abroad, Gabbi and Khalil are couple goals. With that being said, it’s no wonder that the two were chosen by Ben&Ben to star in not one, but two music videos for the band. The couple carries the love story at the center of Pagtingin and Araw-Araw, a back-to-back tale that also serves as some of Ben&Ben’s most viewed music videos to date. From the first spark to the relationship, and its downfall, Gabbi and Khalil carry this short film.


David Licauco and Barbie Forteza in Ben&Ben's The Way You Look At Me music video

While the video has yet to be released, we already feel the feels by just the teaser alone with Filay’s sweet looks at each other. Fresh off Maria Clara at Ibarra, the popular David Licauco and Barbie Forteza love team bring their chemistry to Ben&Ben’s filmography. The two are set to star in the music video for The Way You Look At Me, which in itself is a cover by Ben&Ben of the Christian Bautista hit. Barbie Forteza and David Licauco are bringing their acting prowess and undeniable star power to the music video that depicts a melancholic tale of love and loss.

The story is set to follow a guy (David) who was asked to try a dating app so he can get over his lost love. There is something that makes him like this girl (Barbie) instantly and he cannot explain it. Maybe her looks are just “his type?“ But there’s something more to unravel from there as an intense twist at the end is set to shake up the story.


While Make It With You sadly couldn’t complete its run due to the pandemic, LizQuen’s last teleserye together did give us a few things to cheer for. One of those was its theme song of the same name sung by Ben&Ben. The track, which was originally sung by Bread, but covered by Ben&Ben for the show, had a music video that starred the band as well as LizQuen as their characters of Gabo and Billie. Snippets of the couple not only elevated the video, but gave us a glimpse of what the show had to offer if it completed the season.  


This short film may be in partnership with a shampoo brand, but when it’s this good, it needs to be mentioned. Inspired by Araw-Araw, Ben&Ben’s hit track of the OST of LSS, the video sees Kyline deliver a strong performance as a young woman going through the ups and downs of young love. The struggle is real, but as the video shows, you can find that love that flourishes and strengthens day by day.

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