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Which Of These Actors Are Maris Racal’s Perfect Leading Man? 

Correct answer: Rico Blanco.

Whether it’s revisiting past partners or new on-screen programs, one thing is certain: Maris Racal’s chemistry with her leading men always leaves that lasting kilig on audiences.

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In the wild world of show business, on-screen chemistry can make or break a film or television series, especially in the local scene where this phenomenon has been entertaining audiences since the early days of Philippine cinema in the 1920s. Loveteams are the foundation of Filipino television.

Back in the day, our parents were groovin’ to the tunes of Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal. Fast forward to our current entertainment era, and we have new loveteams, such as the unexpectedly welcome SnoRene, the dynamic duo of Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings.

While we’re currently obsessing over these second leads from Can’t Buy Me Love, did you know that Anthony Jennings wasn’t the first to be teamed up with the fan-favorite Maris Racal? With a swoon-worthy array of talents from music to television, let’s scroll through the potential chemistry between Maris Racal and the following actors:

Anthony Jennings

First on the list is Anthony Jennings. Starting off as co-stars in the television series Can’t Buy Me Love as Irene Tiu and Snoop Alfonso Manansala, fans were suddenly caught up with this couple’s on-screen chemistry after a couple of interactions. Whether written intentionally or not by the producers, the ship name SnoRene was born, and social media snippets showcase how much they could make fans feel ~kilig~.

As if that wasn’t enough, these two starred in a music video that we can call out for its pure romance. Teaming up for Darren Espanto’s single Iyo, they proved that their chemistry wasn’t confined to the TV screen. Now, as we eagerly await the resolution of the current conflicts in the show, we can’t help but wonder if we’re witnessing whatever awaits Irene and Snoop.

Carlo Aquino

With a long list of must-watch rom-coms, 2022 brought us the ultimate tag team—Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino, starring in the online series How To Move On In 30 Days. Streaming exclusively on YouTube, it spins the tale of Maris’ character, who is reeling from a recent breakup. In a bold move to fast-track her recovery, she documents her trials and triumphs through vlogging while setting a deadline for her healing phase. But hold on to your heart emojis because the plot thickens when she recruits Carlo’s character as her fake boyfriend.

This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill rom-com; it blends humor and heartfelt moments, sprinkling in a generous dose of contemporary relationship chaos, social media shenanigans, and the ongoing pursuit of self-discovery. Without giving away too much—when it comes to tropes, nothing beats the charm of fake relationships.

Gelo Rivera of BGYO

Last year, Maris Racal stormed the music scene by releasing a music video for the track Carelessly. The anticipation among fans was met as Maris once again served and slayed with a stellar performance, living up to the hype. Adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix, Gelo Rivera of BGYO took the stage as her leading man this time.

According to the P-Pop soloist, the leader of BGYO caught her attention during rehearsals for the opening leg of Star Magic’s 2022 tour. Watching him command the stage, Maris had an epiphany—this guy had the face of a music video leading man, and boy, was she right on the money. With all that chemistry, this MV was as catchy as Maris’ single—a musical match made in heaven that was sure to keep us hitting the replay button for more doses of these two.

Iñigo Pascual

Before the era of SnoRene sprinkled its magic, 2017 introduced the dynamic duo of MarNigo, showcasing the on-screen chemistry of Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual. If you’ve been on Team Maris since her PBB days, you know that their paths crossed through Piolo Pascual (Iñigo’s father), creating a narrative that led people to believe they’re like star-crossed lovers—until reality hit the brakes. Despite the rollercoaster of real-life heartbreaks and a fleeting romance, the pair gifted us with the cinematic gem I’m Ellenya L., a shining star at the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

The film tells the story of Ellenya Lakampati (Maris Racal), an ambitious girl who refuses to secure a stable job because her goal is to become a famous content creator. While enlisting the help of her childhood friend Peng (Inigo Pascual) to shoot content, what seems like a romantic comedy at first glance transforms into a witty commentary on today’s generation—addicted to the shares, likes, and comments they amass from their social media posts.

Khalil Ramos

Get ready for a wild ride through the afterlife in Simula sa Gitna, where Maris Racal and Khalil Ramos form an unexpected tag team in this spin-off series of Hintayan ng Langit. Forget the usual path to the pearly gates; this surprisingly dynamic duo is cruising through purgatory and hell, steering clear of the typical post-mortem route.

Beyond the gripping plot, which was inspired by Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño’s 2018 film, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the surprises awaiting this fresh pair. Without spoilers, envision an unpredictable life-after-death scenario, filled with friendship, humor, and maybe a bit of the unexpected.

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