7 Ways FinTech is Elevating Every Filipino’s Financial Experience

Top tier security? Sold.

ICYMI, GCash has just unveiled game-changing upgrades at this year’s GCash Futurecast.

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The rise of fintech in the Philippines has been a game-changer, especially with the widespread adoption of cashless transactions. Remember that time you avoided scrambling for exact change on a crowded commute or that time you really wanted to go on a shopping spree but didn’t have cash? That’s fintech making life easier.

Trusting digital wallets over old-school banking may still seem daunting, but things are changing fast. With a simple swipe on your smartphone, daily advancements are enhancing the ease of money management for everyone.

Scroll through to discover the future of financial technology.

Gcash Unveils Game-Changing Upgrades

GCash, the Philippines’ go-to for financial services, has unveiled some groundbreaking upgrades at this year’s GCash Futurecast. From state-of-the-art security to expanding globally, they’re not just redefining fintech—they’re making money management smarter for Filipinos.

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash, highlighted, “Today, you can expect innovations that will “Change the Game”. But, the real game-changer is how we can make a meaningful impact on Filipino lives.”

State-of-the-Art Security 

GCash FutureCast 2024 debuted with Online PaySafe, a cutting-edge security feature designed to confidently checkout the items in your cart. With multi-factor authentication right on your smartphone, you can complete transactions without the fear of data breaches—just hassle-free shopping security at your fingertips.

To top it off, GCash and Chubb, an insurance provider for commercial and personal property, have teamed up to bring you Send Money Protect. For PHP30, you can insure transactions up to PHP 15,000 for 30 days, shielding you from scammers disguised as legitimate people. It’s like having a security detail for your cash—because in the wild west of online transactions, you deserve peace of mind with every tap.

And when you need assistance, Gigi is your AI-generated sidekick. Whether it’s checking your security or swiftly connecting you with live support, Gigi ensures you’re always safeguarded and up-to-date in the world of digital money management.

AI-Powered Experiences 

GCash is stepping up its game with some smart features to simplify your money management. Picture this: GScore AI, your new financial BFF, crunches numbers in the background to evaluate your loan eligibility—all based on your everyday app activity. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to fast insights that help you ~borrow better~.

And when you’re ready to take control of your finances, enter GCoach AI. This digital guru isn’t just full of tips—it’s your personal guide to financial management. Whether you need advice on budgeting or personalized savings strategies, GCoach AI has you covered. It even hooks you up with auto-deposit features to effortlessly grow your savings. With these cutting-edge AI innovations, GCash isn’t just making things easier—it’s putting your financial goals within easy reach.

Hold up, because there’s more! Here, Hyper-Personalized Ads powered by AI aren’t just ads—they’re like having your own personal shopper in your pocket. This platform learns your shopping preferences and dishes out customized offers from GCash’s partners, giving you the VIP treatment every time you check your phone.

Design Innovations

GCash isn’t just about functionality; it’s about enhancing your financial journey with ease and enjoyment. Take Dashboard 3.0, for example, a sleek feature that streamlines your experience.

Imagine you’re planning a spontaneous trip with friends. With its intuitive navigation and tabs like save, grow, and borrow, managing your funds becomes breezy—you can split costs, save up for gas, or even borrow a bit for sudden stops, all within one interface.

But that’s not all—meet GCat & Friends, your money companions. GCat leads the pack, helping you build better spending habits. Joining her are Corey G, who sniffs out the best deals, and GRaf, your personal reminder to start saving and investing wisely. Together, they make management educational but also a lot more entertaining.

Green Innovations

GCash isn’t just about managing money; it’s also committed to leaving a positive impact on the environment. Enter GImpact, where every transaction you make on the app contributes to reducing carbon emissions. These efforts earn you Green Points that can be used to plant real trees through GForest’s partner NGOs, empowering you to actively contribute to a greener future with every click.

Fintech For A New Generation

To nurture spending and saving habits in the next generation, GCash has introduced GCash Jr. with Parental Controls. Still managed by parents, children can make supervised purchases, handle subscriptions, and access their allowance conveniently and securely from anywhere. This initiative empowers children to learn financial responsibility, backed by tools that ensure safe and supervised spending.

New Ways To Borrow and Pay 

GCash is leveling up financial accessibility with Borrow on the Spot, powered by Fuse, GCash’s lending arm. Imagine needing an emergency fund. With a tap on your GCash app, Borrow on the Spot allows you to instantly reassess your creditworthiness and potentially increase your credit limit via GGives. It’s like having financial support at your fingertips, all without the paperwork.

From loans to payments, GCash is launching innovations to revolutionize how you pay with GCash. For those hustling through your daily commutes, Tap To Pay, powered by NFC (Near Field Communication), streamlines the process. Once you’re logged into your GCash app, simply tap your phone on the lane turnstile for a seamless payment experience—because when you’re battling traffic, your payment method should be the least of your worries!

Watch Pay

As if payment methods through your phone aren’t enough, GCash is taking convenience to the next level with Watch Pay, a partnership with Huawei that introduces the country’s first payment method via smartwatches. Now, you can carry your GCash wallet on your Huawei smartwatch and breeze through transactions with a simple QR scan right from your wrist.

These innovations aren’t just about technology—they’re about advancing the financial well-being of Filipinos. By providing secure, financial, and accessible solutions, GCash remains committed to empowering every Filipino to take control of their finances and pave the way for a brighter future. Whether you’re managing daily expenses or planning for long-term goals, GCash is there to make your money management effortless and efficient.

Experience the future of fintech today and download the GCash app, available on the Huawei App Gallery, Google Play Store, and the App Store. 

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